a brief summary



change of plans

family and fire place

gorilla glue + hands = not good.

homemade Christmas project…

fingers STILL glued.

Goop to the rescue!

quite afternoon


lots of chai

long napping children

Miss L 3 month photo shoot!

tights, not so tight :-)

bows :-)

baking bread

jumping feet

soup in the crock pot, mmmmm!

a night away from home

long day

good day


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  • melanie

    I really enjoyed this post! Great photos!!! =)

  • Mamma James

    Love, love, love your pictures and I cracked up at the "tights, not so tight"! So true! Looks like an eventful but great day and again beautiful pictures!

  • Kristen McG

    loved this post!!!
    (and I looked for you at the tea and never found you! Hope you had fun!)

  • jmquilts

    LOL on the glue! 😉
    Loving all these pictures… how beautiful!

    Chuckles over the not so tight tights, ahhs for the night out, and smiles for the jumping feet. :)

  • GranolaMom4God

    Beautiful pictures, Sarah! The dishes look amazing! Fun to look at this morning!