Tot School

Mr. A is currently 27 months old

I would hate to start the new year without being caught up on my tot school blog post. So here are the photos I have in random order…

tracing his feet for leaves for the paper flowers he made Grandma

here’s the flower part

fun with water!

he loves to make circles!

making the cards for the Christmas present he made… he found the first letter of the name of everyone and stuck it on

then he go very serious into just peeling ALL the letters off

then he said he wanted to lay by his mess for a picture :-)

digging in dirt… always fun for a toddler!

more coloring… he’s really right handed -but if the marker is on the left he uses his left hand 😛

train puzzle book

watching daddy get the turkey ready to smoke on Thanksgiving

my first lap book! half finished… but I’ll get to it soon…I hope :-)

playing his letter biscuit game

more letter stickers

counting bears’s green packaging is great for free time art!

pouring beans

I need to get him a pair of his own scissors but he’s pretty good at using mine. :-)

a sunny winter day great for big sandbox time!

painting wooden letters

shape puzzles

cutting wooden fruit


creating a play dough farm!

oh so proud of his stacking skills! I am too!

my little kitchen helper… getting ready to soak some black beans

more stacking

more kitchen helping… baking a pumpkin

licking the beaters :-)

more fun with water and a funnel

and finally more fun at recess with bubbles!

Visit 1+1+1=1 for more awesome tot school ideas!!

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  • Denise

    He is definitely interested in learning new things, especially involving water, dirt, paint, blocks, etc. You are doing a great job!

  • GranolaMom4God

    Sarah, those are all such cute pictures. I love the one of his belly sticking out and being so proud of his accomplishment! Fun!

  • Conny

    oh what a fun way to learn!! You're a great mom to let him do all this … I hope I can relax with this baby – but with my first 2, if we finger painted, we had to go OUTSIDE or if we did playdough, I covered everyone & everything with a showercurtain & plastic!! LOL I am not good at messes … but I need to get over it! :)

  • jmquilts

    What great learning activities! I'm especially proud of your lapbook. :)