cooking through a cookbook

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? It was the only movie I saw during my last pregnancy… but it was a good one!!

Like Julie did in the movie I’m cooking my way through a cookbook… which is probably where the comparison ends. The cookbook I chose is MUCH shorter and I’m not blogging about each recipe. But I’m having a great time nonetheless.

Soups & Muffins
-for busy people-

A few months ago I got a stoneware muffin pan from Pampered Chef. I am lovin’ it! I want to perfect my muffin makin’ skills and boy is it helping! Winter is also the perfect time for soups. It’s a win-win all around!

Wish I could send you some of the aroma from our kitchen thru this post!

Sue Gregg’s cookbooks were introduced to my by a good friend and I would encourage anyone who likes whole food cooking to get your hands on one or all of Sue’s great cookbooks!

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  • melanie

    What a great project, Sarah!

    The new PC stoneware sounds like a yummy muffin to me =)

    I have the Sue Gregg cookbooks (old version – she's changed her views on some ingred… can't remember what exactly 😉 – probably fats)
    At ANY rate, I want to encourage you to try the Zucchini Mexicali (p. 97 in my MainDishes) – YUM! I use homemade salsa for the taco sauce and usually canned diced tomatoes instead of fresh toms – espec in January. Yummy with co-jack on top, Yummy with chicken added, Yummy on TOP of cornbread. Top with sour cream/more cheese if it's too spicy for the young'uns.

    In Soups & Muffins, SonOne especially loves the Turkey Barley Soup =)

  • GranolaMom4God

    Yea! We will have to compare notes! This is what I am doing with Sue Gregg's meals in minutes!! Let's swap when we are done!