64 – 125

a full un-broken night of sleep

the yummy smell of my baby

a perfect batch of popcorn made on the stove -DH got every kernel to pop!

fellowshipping with friends

early bedtime for children

early bedtime for me!

70. picking up all my groceries by myself, no help from little hands

reading for hours in a quiet house

candle light

a new furnace

our warm house

my warm car

being still and quiet

cheeseburger paradise soup

beautiful sleeping children

juicy fresh fruit

80. a while day with no errands

a baby who always wakes up with a huge smile for me!

reading with my husband

the excitement of a 2 yr old doing a 12 piece puzzle for the first time

another early bedtime

getting plenty of sleep

getting up before the sun

reading through my Bible

listening to Mr. A giggle

smartwool socks. I only have one pair, and as soon as they are clean I put them on!

90. eating dinner someone else made

sitting in church with my husband

Mr. A liking his Sunday School class so much now he doesn’t want to leave

Ordering groceries from my computer

Reading The Count of Monte Cristo in a silent house

warm sunshine thru the windows even when it’s 23 degrees outside

Miss L’s new super cute carseat cover that keeps her comfy cozy!

the weekend.

getting new-to-us clothes

Melissa & Doug toys half off!

100. Mr. A writing an “A” for the first time!

crock-pot chicken stock!

a new month

a birthday month!

chirping birds

two full days with my husband home!

new (much bigger) shelves

reading poems with for Mr. A

planning paintings!

meal planning

110. a new start and a fresh week

making a fort with Mr. A

a night out

a helpful stranger

my dad

a warm car

thick mittens

a tire patch kit

Miss. L not needing me while I was out stranded and waking up right when I got home

super cute Baby Legs

120. a much needed nap

a friend who picked up my groceries!

dinner in the crockpot

a whole day at home

clean laundry

125. garden planning

holy experience

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  • GranolaMom4God

    That post made me smile and gave me a bunch of warm fuzzies! so good so good.