kitchen dreams

Sometimes dreams do come true. Little dreams and big dreams.

This week I got to see more of my dream kitchen is become reality!

I had been researching and saving to get that perfect food processor…

…but then an opportunity presented itself!

On sale, rebate and extra freebies.

And now new resident has now moved into our kitchen.

She has only been here a few days… and already has been voted most popular kitchen appliance by everyone in the house… even beating out my top of the line KitchenAid stand mixer. (but Mr. Mixer will never be replaced or loose his position on my counter top.)

Welcome Miss Vita-mix!

We’ve already enjoyed creamy asparagus soup, fresh orange banana juice, fresh ground whole wheat flour, and smoothies too many to count. And today’s menu includes hummus, guacamole and tortilla soup!

This sweet (or maybe I should say saa-weeet) little lady will be saving me so much time in food prep I can’t wait for my next meal and take advantage of her amazing skills!

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  • melanie

    My kids never know what I'm gonna throw in their smoothies along with the usual carrots and frozen strawberries…
    I bought some of this whey protein powder – it makes them extra creamy =)

  • jmquilts

    Yummy fun! We had one back in the good ol' 80's and enjoyed it. The hot pudding was delish!!! :)