kids are messy.

Hence the title… this is a messy post… don’t read it if you don’t want to read something yucky.

Tonight was my youngest sisters end of the season swimming banquet. It’s a fun night. People get sort of dressy. We get to see what the team really looks like without a swim cap and goggles. Trophies, plaques and other awards are handed out. I’m the oldest of four girls. We all swam in high school. I graduated 11 yrs ago. The same coaches are still there. We’ve been to many of these banquets. It was sad and exciting to see her swim this last season. She is fast. Very fast. Breaking school records. Making it to the State level several years. Fast. Much faster than any of us. But it was sad to think that I may not be at a pool watching a meet again for a long time.

Well anyway… I didn’t get to stay for the banquet.

I got to stay for exactly 5 minutes of the meal. (and wow! it was a goood meal!)

Imagine the evening…

Miss L snug and cozy all wrapped up in the wrap about to fall asleep.

Me snarfing the amazing dinner.

Mr. A kneeling on his chair next to me, dipping his bread into the butternut squash soup, and licking it off. He, maybe, took a bit or two of it… mostly just licking.


he starts to cough. I know this cough…

this isn’t going to be pretty.

Coughing so much he’s gagging. AND making disgusting noises. Which I, normally, would be horrifically embarrassed by, but ehh, didn’t phase me tonight… must be 2.5 yrs of mothering. (…but now that I think about it, others may not have been able to finish eating after sitting at the table with us… sorry guys. Maybe we should come with a warning.)

He did this at dinner last night.

But at least then we were at home.

I cup my hands under his mouth. Tell my sister who is sitting on his other side to pick him up.

We start doing a side-ways-run out of the room, around the corner and down the hall. Heading for the bathrooms.

As we go, my sister says and laughs… “we keep passing trash cans!!”

I’m just thinking, “I don’t want a trash can, I want a sink to wash my hands!” all while laughing as we do this funny run.

I’m sure many ppl watched.

Miss L just laid on me, sucking her fingers.

Right as we near the bathroom I notice the food line is now long enough to be past the restrooms, so I say with a smile “EXCUSE US!” and see a horrific look on a, probably middle school, girls face. Then I look down and see how much of a mess I’m holding in my hands and that it is, in fact, now dripping.

Thank goodness my family was there to help. (hubby was at Bible study and missed out on our “fun”)
Thank goodness I was familiar with the building. (and knew where the restrooms were!)
Thank goodness no one cried.
Thank goodness Miss. L wasn’t phased a bit.
Thank goodness I had spare clothes for him.
Thank goodness the are both in bed and quiet now.

Kids are messy. You do what you gotta do.

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  • GranolaMom4God

    Wow. Hope A feels better. Wow.

  • Sue Ellen

    Sorry you missed out on the amazing food. Yup–I can tell you are an experienced Mom when it doesn't faze you and you laugh as you run!

  • jmquilts


    And would you have ever thought 3 yrs ago that you would let your child puke into your hands???

    Sorry for the hard night!!

  • Hi! My name is Janet.

    i don't think it phased anyone. aunt R. and I were the only ones sitting at that table who weren't hardened parents, so I think we were all fine :)

  • Conny

    wow, sarah, you are my hero. even after 11 years of parenting, I still couldn't do that!! I'm a bona fide "emetophobic" … I have nightmares of kids gagging & of kids throwing up!! Seriously. But in any case, glad you've enjoyed sharing a sport with your sister – what a neat connection for you both. :)

  • Denise

    Emily, from the next table, leaned over and asked if he was OK. One of the men at the table said, "If grandma didn't respond, he must be". We proceeded w/ the meal and missed you and the kids.

  • Mamma James

    This cracks me up! I'm sorry that A is sick, glad that L is fine and sorry that you had this experience. You've been fully initiated now though…it's absolutely disgusting to catch, but you're right…it has to be done sometimes. Remind me to tell you of my similar experience…it's gross too, but I can laugh about it now. :) Hope your kids feel better quick!

  • Gwynne

    I was on the receiving end of some projectile-like spit-up the other night after moms' group, courtesy of Mr. Micah. I guess my training for situations like this is already beginning. Hope Mr. A feels better!

  • melanie

    You and your sister(s) sound like a great TEAM =) Just think what sweet, professional(?) moms they will be after your example šŸ˜‰