There might be Popples in my closet

…in my linen closet that is. It. was. a. mess. And Popples live in the linen closet, right? Did you grow up watching them? Isn’t that why closets get messy?

Anyway, this was my way letting you know this is a random post. Not really about anything in particular.

Yes, my closet was a MESS! I had been just shoving clean folded linens in there… and by the time I got them out they no longer looked folded. But now it’s clean. No worries.
My personal public service announcement:

When “they” say “call before you dig” they mean it. Don’t even let your kids play in the back yard and try to dig to China. I don’t think there is any sort of regulation on how deep the lines need to be buried.

Last night we put in a new square foot garden (for strawberries!!) and cut. a. line. GOOD. It was literally only 3″ down!

Maybe everyone else know this.

We did not.

Moral of the story: “they” are right CALL before you dig.

Thankfully no one was injured and it wasn’t a serious thing (like a gas line or something)

It was just the internet.

So for a full 24 hrs I had no internet access to the world.

and I didn’t miss out on anything.

I might do more radio, err… internet silent days in the future.
In other news we are planning a sunny beach vacation!

This is a RELAXING kind of vacation. Not a sight-seeing go, go, go kind.

Our days will be spent deciding if we should go to the pool or to the beach.

At this stage in my life. This is the perfect kind of vacation!

But going on vacation for a mom still involves quite a bit of work…

Figuring out what to bring (and not to bring!) trying to be sure no ont forgets that essential blanket or whatever. What if someone gets sick, what should I bring “just in case?” Having enough activities for a 2 yr old on a 20 hr drive. (YIKES!) leaving the house clean so when we return there isn’t more work than necessary. Putting a few meals in the freezer so we can ease back into regular life.

I guess that’s not a lot more than normal. But I can say I already have a list pretty long and seeing the pile of things ready to be packed makes all the planning and packing worth it… I LOVE VACATIONS!

It’s actually my parents and 2 of my 3 sisters vacation, and we are joining them.

But who cares! A vacation is still a vacation!
Ok now to go catch up on my photoblog.

It’s in sad shape.

NO picture from March are up… and I have PLENTY to choose from… just need to get them up there!

soooo… enough rambling.

Good night all! :-)

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  • melanie

    Ohh, sisters and parents means aunts and grandparents… in other words, "staff" =) Lots of fun for both you and the kids! yAy!

  • GranolaMom4God

    We have a linen closet like that! Good idea of making meals ahead. Last night I told Brian my computer was quite a bit quieter yesterday without you having internet!!