I forgot to mention that we are here on vacation with some of my family which includes our own personal photographer… my sister!!! These pictures (and many more!) were taken by her this morning!)


I’m still here.

Well not here, but HERE on vacation!

I’m learning to relax. I don’t think it should be as difficult as I make it.

I’ve had some time by the pool reading, which I’ve loved! And decided some day I might just go on a reading vacation! Nature. Sun. Books!

Mr. A hasn’t been in a pool in about 2 yrs I’m ashamed to admit -me, previously the national level swimmer. But it hasn’t phased him… he. loves. it!

Even Miss L got a chance to get in the pool (we had a rainy day and some pretty windy days so I kept her out of the waves.)

Miss. L was born in a pool… a spa pool, so she wasn’t too phased. or pleased, per say. Not a fan of Mr. A pulling her around the pool though. But I think she’ll be a natural water girl.

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  • The Seats

    What a cute family. Glad to see you are all enjoying the vacation.

  • GranolaMom4God

    Ohhhhh! I want to come! Looks like fun! Glad you finally posted about vacation! Janet hasn't been including any people pictures!

  • melanie

    Fun. Fun. Fun. Enjoy! =)