What I love about you… 2.5 yrs

Mr. A – 2.5 years

Happy Half Birthday Mr. A!!!
(he actually turned 2.5 at the end of March so this is a bit delayed)

My, how you’ve grow!

This was you and daddy…
and here you guys are just 2 short years later, in the same spot.

I love how much you love to explore!

I love seeing how you’ve gotten a bit more daring…

You LOVED the water right away! (Despite not having been in the pool for 2 years… this former swimmer is very sad to admit!)

You and daddy had a fantastic time playing together! All by yourself you were spinning and splashing all over the pool! (You even did dolphin kick all on your own when trying to figure out how to kick to the wall!!! :-O ) The water getting in your eyes and ears never bothered you one bit!

Here’s another Now and Then…

I love to see you learning patience…

I love how loving and gentle and caring you are towards your sister! (When she got in the pool you asked if you could come over and hold her hand!!)

I love how easily you moved into your big boy bed!
I love how helpful you are with your sister!
I love talking with you! It’s so fun hearing all about what you’ve got going on inside your head!
I love how helpful you are around the house! Sweeping the kitchen, (you even move the chairs to get under the table!) putting your dishes on the counter after you’ve finished eating, and putting your clothes in the hamper.
I love how you bust out laughing sometimes!
I love seeing you learn to ride your new big boy bike!

Photos by J and myself
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  • jmquilts

    I love your then & now pictures. What a big boy! :)