endless gifts

417 – 457

417 my sister Rachel, celebrating her birthday early with her!
birds chirping everywhere
peas sprouts growing

420 flowers blooming
reading my Bible outside
a husband who makes the bed!
Miss L trying for the first time and really liking peas!
pink tulips
Miss L, celebrating 7 months!
Rachel, celebrating 22 years!
taking a kefir soda class
fresh rain, LOTS of fresh, clean rain

430 getting home safely
Miss L tried for the first time and LOVED squash
having my sister over for lunch!
Miss L who will go with the flow of the day
Miss L who is still smiley and happy even if she misses a normal nap time
a quiet afternoon
cool wind
the calm a stormy sky seems to bring everyone
piano music
having conversations with Mr. A! I love hearing what’s going on inside his head!

440 a friends healthy new baby (who happens to have the same name as one of mine!)
fresh new perspective from re-arranging furniture
a fun little photo shoot
morning sunshine
finishing a book
perfect warm spring weather
spending the day outside in the yard
digging a new bed for sunflowers!
planting seeds in the garden

450 a garden fence
compost in the garden and flower beds
the smell of fresh cut grass
open windows
kids playing outside
a day of rest
a much needed nap
457 and a good nights sleep

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