April simplified

This month was the prep work for our big project coming in May. We (well… I don’t know how much I will actually be doing… besides keeping the little once clear of construction and feeding the hungry worker(s).) :-)

Our garage has been more of a storage-of-stuff place rather than a place for a car for a few years. Somehow kids did this, but I’m not really blaming them, they didn’t pile the stuff out there. :-) We had a “garage day” cleaning like crazy. reorganizing. sorting. and giving & throwing things away. By simplifying our things, Project-Wall-Removal in May will go smoother. Once the wall is gone D will have to install new flooring… a clean, organized garage will give him a place to work!

new recipes for the month:
homemade granola bars

We LOVE these! I didn’t have enough chocolate chips so I added about a cup and a half fresh blueberries! Total WIN! Thanks Jolanthe! We also didn’t use as much sugar as it calls for and they were still excellent!
sloppy lentils
Another winner at our house! I completely did NOT have my brain on the night I made these and did pretty much everything wrong or backwards but they still were fantastic! Props to Lindsay!
crock pot ragout Another quick simple and yummy one from Lindsey!

I now am the proud owner of two sprouting lids… I didn’t realize how much easier these would make soaking and sprouting things! I would have got them months ago! Definite. simplify. here!

It seems to be a common thing now… but again I took a trunk load of clothes and things to donate. It feels great! I love giving things away. I am choosing not to sell b/c I don’t have the time to do all the prep work and I think it would be healthiest for me to just get rid of these things that are taking up precious square footage and not being used.

And last but CERTAINLY not least I began taking a weekly prayer and planning retreat, all by myself. alone. escaping. quiet. peace. relaxation. getting collected. praying over the coming week. list making. menu planning. It’s been the best thing in the middle of my week. I go Wednesday so I can more accurately menu plan after picking up my weekly co-op food order on Tuesday. Again I’m linking Passionate Homemaking, but this month she’s inspired me so much! You can read more about taking a personal retreat on her post. I would encourage all mom’s to do this weekly or monthly! I also brought back my home planning journal. I originally made it using The Fly Lady’s Control Journal. I liked it, but for whatever reason I didn’t keep up with it. Now I’ve updated it using some suggestions from Lindsey. I think it will work for me this time around.

One final note… my sister sent me this article… something about it made her think of me in my quest to simplify, find quiet, make time and be surrounded by beauty.

So that’s a glimpse of what’s been SIMPLY going on at my house.

I wait quietly before God,
for my victory comes from Him. Ps 62:1

Be still, and know that I am God! Ps 46:10

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  • melanie

    I'm going to come back and follow these links. It all sounds good, Sarah, especially the personal retreat to prayerfully plan…