endless gifts

I sort of fell off this wagon… It started with losing the notebook that I use to write these down… then I stopped looking and forgot to keep up with it… but now the notebook is found! and I’m back in the game!

470 – 524

less diapers to wash
potty training success
cinnamon chai
sleeping all.night.long with no little ones waking me for ANY reason!
quality time working in my flower beds
a trip to the apple orchard buying plants and visiting with friends
the gift of better transportation
more very successful garage cleaning
my first homemade Mother’s Day present from Mr. A!
Mother’s Day’s many blessings!

480 no cooking or cleaning all day long!
a clean house
reading in the quiet while baby #2 naps and daddy took baby #1 for a walk
going to bed on time
the 3rd night of getting a full nights sleep
waking before the rest of the house
a really good long nap
only washing diapers for ONE! (yes! I’m still rejoicing over this!)
meeting with friends at Starbucks
the sound of a big rain storm

490 making big batches of baby food quickly with my vitamix
cuddling with my kids
a new to me camera!
an awesome 35mm lens!!!!!
both kids sleeping all night when they are sick and I thought for sure they’d’ be up in the night
an at home pedicure!
a small painting job around the house to surprise D while he enjoyed a weekend away
well-behaved children even tho they have colds/coughs all weekend when D was gone
re-reading my favorite novel from childhood (Treasures of the Snow) -SO good!
watching A lay on the floor lost and completely content in imaginative play

500 holding Miss L and reading books with her before bed -a tradition I’ll always have and love with my kids
planting some flowers in pots on my deck! –which is calling my name to come out there and read… sometime… somehow
sunflowers determined to grow even though something had a hay-day trying to eat/destroy them!
reading in the sun with D while both little ones nap
a sister graduating from Purdue!!
a long weekend with my husband home!
a very talented and skilled husband
new great room!
seeing my baby sister graduated High School
visiting with my family that lives far away

510 seeing Miss L crawl for the first time
then promptly learning to pull her self up and climb all over the place
the peaceful sound of silence during afternoon nap time
the first summer cookout with friends
restful Sabbath
complete with a good nap!
a nice trip out of the house with just Miss L and myself
morning quiet time
a new and fresh week ahead of me
lots and lots of birds filling the would-be silence

520 throat coat tea
clean sun dried cloth diapers!
breakfast made for me by my husband
a full day checking off almost everything on my to-do list!

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  • Conny

    TREASURES IN THE SNOW caught my eye! Love that story – and most books by Patricia (ugh – can't think of her last name!!). My son's teacher used a bunch of them for book report books this year! We now own a nice set of 4 or 5 by her.
    There is also a decent movie version of Treasures out there – on VIDEO! LOL I haven't tried to find it on DVD.

  • GranolaMom4God

    Great list!!!!