If You Give A Mom a Book


Tawny Scrawny Lion

The lion who turned (almost) vegetarian.

This copy of the book was mine from when I was little. I remember I liked this book… but I couldn’t recall the story AT ALL.

So I figured it was time to get it out and read it again. It was a before-naptime-story for Mr. A one day. I think he liked it… but I left perplexed.

All sorts of large animals living together that geographically don’t belong. Kangaroos and lions and zebras and camels and more. Each day the lion chases, catches and eats a different large animal yet stays skinny and is always still hungry.

The large animals conspire to get a bunny rabbit to talk to the lion. Of course, thinking at least for that one day he wouldn’t chase them but just eat the rabbit.

The rabbit takes him back to his 9 fat siblings who are making a delicious carrot stew. The lions doesn’t eat the rabbits like he plans but eat and loves the stew. He isn’t hungry for the large animals anymore, just carrot stew.

And oddly enough the stew makes him “fat as butter, sleek as satin, and jolly as all get out” when all those large animals didn’t. Hmm??

The large animals are so happy they “dressed in their best” (so they now look like circus animals) to go thank the little rabbit.

A Golden book.
A classic.
Definitely a kids book that makes no sense if you really think about any of it. 😛

I asked Mr. A if he liked the book. He said “yes.”
I asked Mr. A what he thought about the book. He just said “that lion eat all those things.”

I liked that there was the lesson about being greedy and still not being satisfied when the lion got all that he thought he wanted.
I like that the lion had to wait for his yummy meal. Patients is a hard lesson for a 2.5 year old.
I like that the rabbit picked the berries, mushrooms and good smelling herbs and caught the fish. I’d like to make sure Mr. A is never confused about where food comes from or that it all comes from a store.

Curious about the carrot stew recipe? Here’s what I can gather:
all sorts of good smelling herbs
a few fish

Seems odd to add the fish… but I think I could get it to work.

Oh, and he had a heaping bowl of berries with his stew… sound like a very yummy whole food meal!

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  • Michelle

    We loved this book! We made a Tawny Scrawy Lion Creamy Carrot Soup ~ and had so much fun with this book! (http://delightfullearning.blogspot.com/2008/12/tawny-scrawny-lion.html)

    I had never heard of it either. I read it the other day to my 3 yo and she had me read it three times in a row to her! I will have to redo this one with her!

  • GranolaMom4God

    OK . . . that sounds like an interesting book. Can we talk to the author? Why stew? Why doesn't he get fat eating big animals. I am curious indeed. Sure looks colorful, though! Thanks for linking up. I am working on a new post for Friday!