just for fun…

a few things about me, in case you were wondering…

1. I love to paint my nails. Always have. Going out and having a “professional” do my nails always disappoint me. Ask my high school swim coach about this. Every meet I’d paint a new design on my nails… a few favorites… flags on the 4th, Christmas trees at Christmas, plaid to match the plaid shirt I wore that one day…
2. I swam all.the.time in middle and high school. seriously. I was addicted.
3. I used to hate eating… but never had an eating disorder. I just was always hungry and could never seem to eat a meal and not be hungry in an hour later.
4. In college I met with a dietitian and learned HOW and WHAT to eat. This is when I think I’d say I started down the natural, organic, crunchy path.
5. I love my Pampered Chef stoneware muffin pans
6. I make kefir with raw milk from our cow (her name is Pat) every day for over 2.5 years now.
7. We just got a mini trampoline! Perfect for a 2 almost 3 yr old with ALOTA energy (thanks Rachel!!)
8. I sweep twice a day and mop at least every other day b/c my 10 month old daughter eats or licks anything and everything she finds on the floor. I hope this stage passes soon. But it’s kinda fun knowing we could literally eat off the floor!
9. My husband can do just about anything.
10. Seriously. He loves rock climbing and all those outdoors-y stuff.
11. He’s an awesome runner… went to state in high school in CC!
12. Any and all computer problems are no match for my software engineer.
13. He remodeled my kitchen. twice. The first time he removed upper and lower cabinets and built them into an island (aka. the continent) complete with a tile top.
14. The second time, most recently, he took down the wall btwn the kitchen and front room to create a great room that I LOVE. love. love. love it!
15. The list of home maintenance and upgrades could go on forever. After all his summer job (high school and college) and first post college job were with a large construction (yep, he can drive a backhoe) and independent contractor.
16. He is NOLS certified. One summer he spent a month backpacking through the WY mountains.
17. He even goes backpacking in the dead of winter with granola mom’s hubby with a group of wilderness men from our church.
18. I really like cooking Sue Gregg meals.
19. I don’t have all her cookbooks… yet
20. I have a square foot garden, but I’m not good at gardening, yet still seem to get some produce each year.
21. When I was younger in the summer my mom would still make us do school stuff like book reports.
22. I started a book club but used to HATE reading.
23. I think I may have read 5 books for fun in my first 12 years of schooling.
24. During my first pregnancy is when I really started to enjoy reading, as I read about pregnancy, natural childbirth and parenting.
25. our neighbors always drive their 4 wheelers during nap times
26. someday we’ve talked about moving to WY. I don’t think I’d mind our neighbors driving their 4 wheelers out there… caz we’d be out driving ours with them!
27. we have also talked about moving somewhere that we could have a small 5-10 acre farm
28. my husband is not a big “reader” but screams through audio books on his long commute to and from work. Did you know you can listen in 2x and its all still completely understandable and you get through books twice as fast.
29. he’s currently listening through the Bible with all those doing the B90x… but is on his way to get it done in closer to 2 months
30. I love beach vacations.
31. I also love the cabin in the woods vacation… but haven’t done this as much… which is weird b/c I’m from the Midwest… beaches are hard to come by. Indiana Beach does not count in my book, sorry.
32. My family grew up camping for vacations and these are some of my favorite childhood memories.
33. another childhood memory… climbing through the bathroom window and stepping right in the toilet so I could go unlock the door once when we were locked out.
34. my parents helped start a church when I was in 5th grade.
35. I was, for MANY years, the only girl in youth group.
36. I never went to church camp.
37. I played the oboe for one summer.
38. I took piano lessons for 8 years. and my mom was right, I would miss it and I wish I kept it up.
39. I am the oldest of 4 girls. (scroll down for the photo of us)
40. I love babies, ages 3-4 months are some of my favorite… but they are ALL good!!
41. I used to teach 3 yr olds at a small church’s preschool/daycare. That is another favorite age of mine!!
42. If you ask my son what is favorite color is he will probably tell you “stripes”
43. He is teaching himself all the letter sounds. He constantly asks me what letters say even though he already knows.
44. I love photography. I took a class with the New York Institute of Photography.
45. I got my first SLR in college before my boyfriend (now husband) and I were going to Israel with school.
46. That trip got canceled b/c it wasn’t safe at the time and I’m still a little sad about that but we do plan to take a major trip over there when our kids are old enough to enjoy it with us!
47. I got my first digital SLR before my aunts wedding when she asked ME to be the photographer. I wanted to SEE the pics and know right away I didn’t mess anything up! (Ken Rockwell is my favorite camera review man.)
48. I did the photographer thing for awhile but it wasn’t as fun when it was a job and I’ve put any sort of career doing that on hold until sometime in the future.
49. I love to go down hill skiing!
50. I like to blog but don’t know much about it.
51. I think ppl read this blog but have no way of knowing for sure and who you are :-) hello lurkers! :-)
52. I would like to learn more about fermenting foods. My children and I are currently addicted to sauerkraut!
53. I get overwhelmed easily. It used to be very bad… but I’m getting better with that.
54. I want to learn ASL.
55. I wish I could have taken that in HS and college…. seriously. anyone out there remember me during semesters while I was taking Spanish?!
56. I used to cut and do my sisters hair… all.the.time! More than they wanted me to!
57. Lydia very much enjoys a breakfast smoothie every day!
58. butterfly and freestyle were my best strokes. Hard to find anyone who could beat me in a 50 fly, always wished that was a regular event.
59. someday I’ll swim with the masters and fully intend on being faster than I was.
60. my dad has a goldwing and my parents go riding often
61. it used to bother me that my mom would buy educational presents and toys. but now I do it.
62. I like to do very little baby proofing and just teach my children how to play and live safe in whatever their environment.
63. drybees and a super-doo are our night time cloth diaper of choice.
64. I’m pretty determined when I set my mind to something
65. I majored in religion.
66. I used to want to be an architect. I took a lot of the classes through high school. All the math I needed to take in college discouraged me from going that route.
67. I have a full set of house plans I created from my classes. But I don’t think we’ll ever build our own home.
68. We live very close to a train.
69. I used to help my dad (an independent contractor -the same one my husband worked with for awhile) so I’m pretty good at siding, roofing, remodeling, and painting myself.)
70. I. hate. talking. on. the. phone.
71. I might try just about anything to get out of talking on the phone.
72. I still eat popcorn with my popcorn forks I got back in college. My husband makes the best cheesy popcorn and kettle corn on the stove.
73. I met my husband in English class our first semester of college.
74. he grew up a few blocks from campus. His mom is a great cook and often fed me during my hungry swimming years.
75. I am horrible at spelling.
76. I’m a pretty quiet person.
77. I don’t drink much caffeine but when I do I get very, very talkative.
78. I was engaged exactly 5 months.
79. both my husband and I grew up with a fireplace that warmed the house. we both miss that.
80. I don’t wear shorts very often.
81. In middle school I did long jump.
82. I loved elementary school. We had the best, coolest principal!
83. In high school I went to Australia for a swimming exchange program. We competed in the Olympic pool in Sydney right before the Olympics.
84. I think sleeping your children is just as important as feeding them.
85. I won a cookie baking contest in high school for my peanut butter cookies
86. I’m good at finding 4 leaf clovers
87. My favorite color changes often.
88. I like to paint. I like to barter things for my paintings!
89. I’m a hide and go seek champion. I’ve got pretty good stealth skills.
90. My sisters think I have super-sonic hearing. I will hear all my kids plots and whispers.
91. I’ve never had a cast but I’ve broken a bone ( my nose )
92. I used to be a v-up champion.
93. I don’t think many ppl are still reading this list.
94. my son is a very good eater… raw veggies, lots
95. I have a strawberry shortcake doll from when I was little that still smells like strawberries.
96. I like to play Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan.
97. I love my mac and won’t go back.
98. Mothering Magazine is the only one I subscribe too
99. I clean the toys at church so the kids stay as healthy as possible.
100. I really like YL essential oils. Thieves is the best!
101. I’m good at jump roping. In college part of our dryland training was with a jump rope coach.
102. I don’t like driving, esp. downtown.
103. I once held 5 high school swimming records. until my youngest sister (11 yrs younger) got there and smashed 4 of them.
104. I hated getting dirty when I was little. I always tried to get out of going outside.
105. When I was in Elementary school I liked frosted flakes or golden grahams for breakfast.
106. We don’t buy or eat breakfast cereal.
107. I was married on Labor Day weekend and I also had my daughter on Labor day (6 years apart)
108. I always wanted to be on yearbook staff but never was.
109. my grandpa built a huge sandbox for me when I was little and my dad built one for my kids
110. I hope if you’re still reading you learned something new about me!

Did you learn anything new?
Want to know anything else?
You should write a list about you so I can get to know YOU better! :-) (Leave me a comment if you write one!)

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  • Kristen McG

    I really enjoyed this!!
    I've never heard of popcorn forks! ha!
    What do you currently eat for breakfast? Just smoothies? Or are those just part of the meal?
    Did you swim collegiality?
    I love Settlers of Catan, too- though it's been a while since we've played.
    I think I'll do this, too, but I doubt I'll make it to 110!!

  • Sue Ellen

    Yes, I learned a few new things. Didn't know you also hated talking on the phone. Bet you already knew that about me!! What a fun list. Thanks.

  • melanie

    fyi, I did read the entire list =)
    I won't allow myself to write one now… I SHOULD be at the other house for another load of s.t.u.f.f. before it's dark.
    My brain won't let me think of his name, but Mr. Gold Medal Swimmer ate a TON of food as I recall from the stories they did on him. I expect you were burning a lot of calories with your constant swimming.

  • Conny