something happens when my sisters and I get together to take pictures…

There are often many more out-takes than “normal” ones.

And what is normal?

Any guesses what we are acting out?

Mary Poppins, of course! :-)

This one was something about an animal and a pizza, I think?

This was a reenactment of the Charlie Brown Christmas dance.
I so wish we could see Hannah’s face, I think it’d be classic!

Wonder what’s going on here?

Laughter is good for everyone!

I have no words.

we do end up with some photos of all of us smiling

My baby sister is leaving for college in a few days,
I’m going to miss her.

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  • GranolaMom4God

    That looks like so much fun. I can't wait for big photo shoots with my 4 kiddos when they are a bit older!

  • Sue Ellen

    Such gorgeous genes in my grandchildrens' pool!

  • Conny

    Priceless!! Makes me wish I had a sister (or three).