trip to the fabric store

Let me just start off by saying I know my way around the hardware store MUCH better than the fabric store. (I may or may not have spent more time at contracting jobs with my dad than in the sewing room with my mom.)

Today I wanted to be adventuresome and go buy some fleece to make Lydia a no-sew blanket.

I’d call myself creative… not crafty. I’m starting small… maybe next month I’ll dig out my sewing machine.

I felt very out of place once inside said-fabric-store! Yikes! Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and exactly what they were looking for… and exactly where it was.

Once in the store the three of us all became wide-eyed at the sight of all the colorful fabric! So I pointed the cart in that direction and began my search for fleece. I’ll admit it did take me a minute of driving the rows and rows of cloth to see the sign that said “Fleece World.” We made a bee line it in that direction.

In my head I knew exactly what I wanted… but since the fleece designers are not in my head I quickly picked out plan B fleece. Despite Aaron’s plee to buy her blue I went with a girly-stripe and a brown.

Note to self: track down a coupon before coming back.

Being a mom of two young ones, and not leaving until late morning… AND thinking that taking the back roads would be fun (which turned out to be MUCH slower) … AAAND being new at this type of shopping… AANNDD not seeing any signs that said how much this would cost I decided they can’t cost THAT much so let’s take this and run.

We’ll we couldn’t run. There was a looong line of other ladies needing their fabric cut. (the lady in front of us was also buying for a no sew project … but she must be pro, her cart was PILED HIGH with fleece!)

Once it was our turn I hoped they lady was nice… and understanding (seeing one of mine was already to the point of throwing everything I handed her on the floor) … would be able to tell me how much fleece I wanted for the size blanket I was imagining.

After a not too too embarrassing moment of me doing math with yards and inches in my head I quickly decided and she was cutting.

She hands us the nicely folded fleece and a receipt. ouch. I hope this blanket lasts FOR A LONG TIME!

Maybe next time I settle for the pre-packaged no-sew kits in the bin outside. But I thought THOSE were expensive -not to mention HUGE for a 1 year old.

note to self: you’ve got alot to learn.

Since we were in the store I wanted to make a quick loop around just to see what else was there.

Trying to go quickly b/c yes, it is now lunch time.

Hmm… thinking to myself, “wow, there’s MORE fabric back here! Hmm? “quilt section” … how is this fabric different than alllll that fabric at the front?” REALLY I must have alot to learn!

All sorts of supplies for all kinds of projects I have cooking in my head…. hmm… will they ever become reality??

Then we see someone we know. eek.

They ask what were getting… hmm ok… embarrassed again … I’m sure these ladies come here alot… and know how to turn their sewing machine on (do sewing machines even have power buttons???) I say… “um, we got these paint brushes… and …. uh … some of that (as I point) for a no-sew blanket… and because I tend to ramble when I don’t know what to say I continued to say how I’m not good at this kind of stuff and uh… how I thought this might be a good place to start.

Yikes… boy, do I wish I paid more attention all those summers my mom showed me any of that crafty-homemaker-sewing stuff.

another not to self: don’t take kids next time.

I said good-bye to the ladies… and realizing I passed the checkout line and it was now LONG… and both children now wanted me to hold them… and I DID NOT have enough snacks packed for the ride home because now I was hungry and wish I could eat all their snacks. (there were no sarah-oked eating establishments in the near area… not to mention I just spent grocery money for a blanket.)

We went the fast way home. But not fast enough for my sleepy hungry children.

I have to say it again, boy, do I have a long way to go. I am not Susie Homemaker. Maybe I can just stay a bit ahead of what I want to teach Lydia about this part about being a homemaker.

First step. No-sew blanket. Because I’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Next step find directions for the sewing machine.

(Maybe I’m not as un-educated as I’ve said… I have used it before… but a certain little boy played with all the knobs I cant’ get it started. So it is on a sort of sabbatical, I guess.)

So… sew :-) …for now I’ll be crafting sewing-machine-less. :-)

But I think I’m ok with that.

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  • jmquilts

    So excited to read the title of this post. So sad for you at the long & difficult trip!

    I wonder if shipping from me to you is worth the savings? :)

    #1 – Only buy things in Joann's or big-box store with a coupon. #2 – quilt fabric there is not real quilt fabric. It is cheap and rough and won't last as long but you'll still have put a ton of work into your project. #3 – write me more often. :) #4 – I'm willing to come for a sewing weekend/lessons and help if you want that.


  • Denise

    What a day, hope the blanket looks and feels just right.

  • Sue Ellen

    Yes, she's a great teacher–very encouraging and sooooooo helpful. What an adventure! Sorry it was such a learning experience. I hated those times. But I must have "learned" because I didn't repeat them (at least too often!) :-)

    Much love