The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday September 16th

Outside my window… just about perfect! Steady breeze and cloudy (yet bright!) making the 78 degrees not feel so close to 80.

I am pondering… what to do tonight… I’m thinking I might finally get a paint brush in my hand and get working on the front room…. someday I’ll get to the “after” pictures of Operation Great Room

I am thankful for… my mother’s helper who comes on Thursdays! We started and finished Lydia’s no-sew blanket and so much more!

From the kitchen… I finally made my first batch of soda (kefir water or kefir soda -it has many names) Can’t wait to try new flavors! Flavor of my first batch: Hint of Ginger.

I am creating… photo books of our recent family photos for certain lucky family members!

I am going… to enjoy my evening while getting a few things done…. but not putting so much on my list that I’m overwhelmed and exhausted …which happens too many evenings. A job description where you work is never done… still wrapping my mind around this.

I am reading… Mansfield Park (SO close to done… our book club dinner party is Monday… my deadline,) The Excellent Wife, The Bible

I am hoping… for a long Autumn season. It’s my favorite time of year! Spring is a very close second. Indiana winters can be pretty dreary. (And winter makes me miss swimming.) Summers are too hot. And in reality, I don’t like summer clothes.

I am hearing… not much, pretty quiet here. My favorite way to blog. Really not an option to blog with little ones are awake :-)

Around the house… it is bright and sunny! Windows open, curtains dancing in the breeze! I’m fluttering with the fly lady again… getting ready and in gear for the holiday season so I can keep the chaos away. :-)

One of my favorite things… the fun age of almost-3 and 1. They play together (at least side by side enjoying the others company) and make each other laugh! Aaron is becoming so helpful and so so great at remembering things! I asked him to help me clean up the toys and I anticipated some sort of negative reaction but he responded “yes, mommy” !!! and did a quick and complete job!

Household current events… the end to something is very near. Change has it’s difficulties and it’s sad to say good-bye to people, but often it has many exciting perks. I’m switching how I find our yummy food and anticipating the extra free time that will go along with it!

A few plans for the rest of the week… start preparations for a coming camping trip with family!

Here are a few pictures I am sharing…

What do you think?? Does this mean… she (see below)… likes the books or doesn’t? She somehow managed to REACH her book shelf and pull these into bed with her during nap!! (and empty the rest of the bookshelf onto the floor… said bookshelf has been moved.)

previously mentioned blanket and mother’s HELPER! :-)

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  • GranolaMom4God

    I love Daybook posts! Great fabric!