Wordless Wednesday…

…a day late… and since it’s not really Wednesday, there might be some words.

I took these meaning to post them on Wednesday. I knew yesterday was Wednesday, but somehow I still thought today was Wednesday too.

They got these super cute shirts for their birthday from my aunt…

I’ve been trying to get a good pic of them together for some time now…

but getting them both in the shirt and getting a photo before someone makes some kind of mess IN or ON theirs… difficult…

my attempts to do this alone were not too successful…

to them (and probably alota ppl) this mom takes too many photos.

BUT… my sister stopped by a few minutes later!

They were both still wearing the shirts and no one was dirty yet!

It’s fall… the pumpkins from the garden were a good fit.

Wish the rest of their outfits were a little more put together…

Aaron likes it when I call him “silly sock boy”

He loves wearing socks that don’t match!

Works for me! He seems to always be missing the correct match anyway.

Aww, now there’s a cute smile!

These pumpkins were from our surprises pumpkin patch! Just leave a pumpkin to rot all fall and winter… then TA-DA, a pumpkin patch springs up the next year!

I love her cute little nose!

She’s still working on her steps! And still is faster when crawling and more often than not choose to get around with that method… but anytime now I’m sure that’s going to change!

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