inside winter play

Winter. I love it, but it also means children don’t play outside as long as they do in warmer weather. We definitely still play outside in winter though. Daily, if possible. I think it’s good for everyone’s health.

(ps… We don’t make him shovel. He loves this child sized shovel! Thanks grandpa!!!)

But… winter also means I need to be more creative with new play ideas.

Today, it was the old stand by: a fort.

(My husband informed me not to call it a tent. Tents, apparently, are for girls. Forts are for boys. Did you already know this? It was news to me.)

And for a bonus… let them play with something old in a new place.

Meet Mr. Excavator from the sandbox.

After a little cleaning up and brushing off he got his own garage in today’s fort.

Do you have any indoor winter play ideas?

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  • Jules

    I asked both men here if what A made was a tent or a fort. Both said fort! LOL!!

    Whatever… it is fun. :)