Hello 2011!

It’s already… or should I say only 5 days into the new year… and I’m still trying to 1. remember that it’s a new year and 2. figure out if that means anything different for me and my life.

I’m a fan of making resolutions. I’m pretty good at sticking to them and following through. Diligence and dedication are two of my favorite words… and things. (and yes I know that is annoying to some of you.) But this year is different.

This year I’m just going to BE.
Be me.
Be here.
Be present.
Be a wife.
Be a mom.

I guess if you want to call that a resolution, then that’s my resolution. This year I’m giving myself freedom to BE. This may be a simple thing but I’ve never let myself. Always goals to meet and lists to check off. I’m not saying those are bad… I love goals and lists! I will probably still have them. But often my goals way so heavy on my it feels like I can’t move. And that get in the way of doing what’s important.

I going to blog when I can. I’ll blog about my life. Well… maybe just the interesting parts… if I have any. :-)

Most of Aaron and Lydia’s posts will be found on my photoblog: EveryDayPhoto. I’m starting my FIFTH year of taking and posting a photo a day! (Well, I’ll admit there my be a day or two I didn’t take a photo… but I at least posted one from a previous day.) Wow, can you stay super stalker mode! Haha, not really. No embarrassing or incriminating stuff. I really have no idea who reads this blog or my photoblog. But I think it’s mostly just a few friends, family and all the grandparents wanting to keep up with their grandkids. I added a link on the side bar showing the three most recent photoblog posts so you can see when I’ve updated. (If you’ve followed in the past you know it’s no surprise I’m not always up-to-date on my postings…but I eventually get caught up.) :-)

So there you have it… the not-so-big-after-all… change to my blog.

Happy New Year!

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  • Kristen McG

    I like it. :)
    I like all the 'be' things… and hope to follow suit.
    Looking forward to all that 2011 brings!

  • melanie

    You make it sound so simple, Sarah 😉

  • Homeschooling Momtographer

    I wanted to do a 365, but chickened out because I didn't think I could keep up with it. Good for you for doing it for 5 years – wow!!