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For today: Thursday March 24, 2011

Outside my window… it’s very dark. My widget says rainy and 36.

I am thinking… that today I need to slow down. We are listing our house on MONDAY. Still can’t believe it! If I keep going, cleaning, fixing things at the rate I’m going, I’m going to get sick. I’m watching a friends little boy today so I think today shall be full of playing games, reading little books while sitting on the floor and your general mommy-plays-with-kids day.

I’m creating… a moving notebook. Full of lists of boxes numbered with it’s contents summary. Since I don’t know when we’re moving exactly I’m curious to see how long I’ll keep up this nice list up knowing exactly where everything is located.

I’m going… to finish my spiced chai, finish this post, change the laundry around… all hopefully before the first peeps from the bedrooms upstairs.

I am thankful… I didn’t have to have pies thrown in my face last night at AWANA. Another volunteer stepped up and sat for all the Cubbies to have a turn… guess I lucked out. :-)

From the Kitchen… we are enjoying the Grain Free Meal Plans from Today I’m making a roaster chicken in the crockpot so I can use the bones to replenish my chicken stock supply… and of course so we can eat the yummy chicken!

I am hoping… we are able to track down a power washer for our deck before the photos and videos are taken of our house next week. I’m also hoping the place we are buying our van from gets it ready for us so we can go get it on Saturday. (8+ hr round trip to go pick it up… sitters are arranged for the kids… it would just be difficult to reschedule this.)

I am reading… Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur and Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie (which I didn’t realized until after I posted that I didn’t even add that one to my Spring Reading Thing goals 😛 …but I have a feeling my “goals” will be a loose list… I think it’s probably going to be a working list as the Spring goes on.)

I am hearing… the drier just buzzed. the heater kick on (haven’t missed that noise!! WILL miss having the windows and doors open tho!) and NO noise from upstairs just yet!

Around the house… it’s in pretty good shape. Every day I’ve been tackling another little pocket or corner area. Today, if I do anything, I might finally get to the items on top of the fridge. I wish I knew where I was going to put them… but I really don’t like storing things up there. Looks cluttered to me. And I guess if I were to do anything ELSE (on the day I’ve dubbed play-with-kids-day :-)…) I’d sweep the porch. Many days of sandbox and wind has brought in quite a bit of sand and leaves… but we’ll see… maybe these are things I can do tonight after the kids are in bed… then I can still have kids-play-day AND get some little things done. I think I’m addicted to productivity.

One of my favorite things… is going to get Lydia up from bed. She’s always SO happy to see me and show me her babies and run around in her crib and point out the window… sometimes I think she doesn’t really want to get up… she just wants company while she still hangs out in her crib. :-)

A few plans for the rest of the week… laundry. cleaning. tracking down a trailer (and hitch). taking some loads of brush, branches, and wood to a friends burn pile. driving to Cleveland and back. a quick stop in at the in-laws. maybe talking about vacation plans for later this year. church and day of rest. I do have more plans than this. many more plans. but as I write them out I really don’t think it’s possible to get it all in. I need two Saturdays this week. Where do I sign up for that?

A few photos for sharing… (more than one since I’m behind in my Photoblog site…for all you faithful followers over there.)

teething and SuperWhy game

small motor practice. tearing tickets.

mommy’s kitchen helper! even if it’s one dish at a time. help is still help!

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  • Conny

    I recently read MURDER IN THE VICARAGE too! (I'm a huge A. Christie fan!) … I enjoy learning the British names – like Lettice in this one – I've never heard that name before!!

    Hope you all have a good, productive weekend! :) Best wishes for the house sale.

  • melanie

    Long ago, I was given the advice to "Relax and enjoy your children." I think you've got it! It's still okay to be productive in between games =) Two Saturdays?? You are highly motivated!

  • Emily Elliott

    I love the idea of the Spring Reading Challenge. I'm so glad I stopped over and learned more about that. I'm a little late to start but can't wait to post my book list. Thanks!

  • Jodi

    What a great post!!! So glad you are liking the menus. We had the crepes for breakfast and then used them for sandwiches for lunch!