I’m SURE I’m not the first to learn this, but living in a house you’re trying to keep clean to sell is a challenge!

Here’s the corner of my house where I sit now as I blog. LOVE my two monitor set up! Thank You David!!!

And Thank You David for my pretty new half bath! Tile floors are the best! (As long as you have an E-Cloth like this! That Mop Set and the Glass Polishing Cloth are my favorite!)

Another best thing ever… holding Lydia in my ring sling! (AND that CUTE dimple!! Thanks Janet for taking this!) She has a cold so this is her favorite spot! 18 months isn’t too old or too heavy for this momma! (She’s very much enjoying that peanut butter cookie from healthhomehappy.com’s grain free meal plan!)

We made a few chocolate chip cookies for our first house showing today! Hope they liked what they saw!

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