Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s day (and weekend!) I am so. very. blessed!

Aaron, being sweet!

My sister JMcKphotography took these awesome photos for me!

Wrangling Lydia.

A shot of the .02 sec she held still :-)

Yes, I throw my children.

They LOVE it and it’s an excellent workout!

Just like Janet said at our shoot last year, my kids like to run.

The only change is now Lydia’s joining in!

She likes to run and not look back (excellent in a race, not so good when there’s no fence!) She went off for a run… this is me walking her back :-)

Love my Mother’s Day gift this year! Excellent choice! Thank you David, Aaron, Lydia and The Vintage Pearl
Not such cute hair here… but it happens. :-)

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  • Jules

    Love the necklace! Darling kiddos — such sweet photos. ♥