This is where I sit.

“A place of quiet… of rest… a refuge… a place in which to hang your prayers on the clothes line or toss your sins into the laundry basket to be washed?”

My friend Jodi is hosting a link up and I HAD to join in! I’d love to SEE and HEAR about YOUR Quiet Times too! So please link up too and let us have a peek!

Ok… here’s a few more glimpses of how my QT goes…

Yes, I write in my Bible.

I’m currently working through the book of Matthew with the Precept Upon Precept study. This is my favorite of favorites when it comes to Bible studies. My first experience with Precept was a training weekend. Loved it! Loved it. This type of study IS my learning style!

You can usually find me sitting here first thing in the wee hours of the morning… or during naps… or, depending on the day, late at night.

I love this spot b/c of it’s central spot. I can see out our front big windows, I’m very close to the kitchen and my hot drink of choice, whatever the mood of the day, and I can see upstairs and know if any children are waking.

I’m a Moleskin fan. I have many in all shapes and sizes. This black one is my main Bible study Moleskin. (this time I went with the graph paper version… I like it!)

The small pink Bible with the flower is Lydia’s. I’m praying for her as I read my way through it. (Inspired from by Jodi…) I’m underlining (in pencil) all the Scripture I pray for her.

The pink Moleskin with the “G” is for Gifts… as in 1000 Gifts. Here’s where I list them.

This bag is one of my Bible study bags… if my QT needs to be moved to a different location I can quickly pack up and move. My secondary locations are the back porch, out on the deck or under the tree in the back. Yes, THE tree, as in we only have one. I hope someday (SOON!) that will be different!)

I also have the e-versions of 31 Days to Clean and The Ministry of Motherhood. Those I’m slowly digesting. But it’s VERY handy to have them on my phone, always handy!

Other tidbits:

  • Who taught you how to have a quiet time? Jill – my friend, college (swim) teammate, she discipled me.
  • What “must” you have so as to not be distracted? quiet
  • Do you listen to music? Who? Sometimes. David Nevue.
  • Must you have a beverage? Almost always I have two. Water, and hot tea. Often it’s chai, but I have a large selection of teas… so it just depends. And yes, my previously tweeted about new electric tea kettle is amazing. Boiling water in a few minutes! Seriously! WAY better than sliced bread. (But keep away from children -the outside of this thing is always boiling hot!)

Thanks for coming to check out where I sit!

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  • Jodi

    I love this! Never heard of who you listen to. I will have to check it out! And the idea of how you use Moleskins . . . perfect! i learned so much!!!! thanks for letting us peak!!!!

  • Betsy

    I enjoyed reading about your quiet time! Very inspiring!