Boy Mom BlogHop

Welcome fellow boy moms of the MOB Society!

This is my first blog-hop, thank you so much for stopping by!

I’m Sarah… and like my blog name I like to keep things simple. (I know it’s a popular word these days, but it works for me!) In this fallen world things are complicated. I look up and remember what really matters and look to Who guides my steps.

A short ditty about me:

Born in MN. Now in IN. Oldest of 4 girls. Competitive swimmer for 11 years. Five time All American. Met husband (David, from a family of all boys, one being an identical twin) the 2nd day of college. Degree in Religion and Studio Art and from the NYIP. Will be married 8 years this August. Was a runner for a few years, did some 13.1’s. During pregnancy with Aaron we started switching out our chemical cleaners and products for natural ones and began eating organic. Aaron was a Bradley Birth hospital baby. After reading TONS on natural birth and holistic living during my pregnancy my love of reading was born. Started a book club. Two years later Lydia was born at home in the water. I’m a quiet girl who doesn’t like to be the center of attention but excited to meet some new bloggy buddies!

My blog is a work in progress.

It’s not a “grown-up” blog by any means. Soon I’ll be making the move (or fresh start) to WordPress, getting it organized and finally settling on a look and design. I am blessed to have a ticket to the Relevant conference and SO EXCITED to meet so many of you lovely ladies and understand more of this blogging world.

But here you’ll find… simply me.

I share my experiences with Young Living Essential Oils, plenty about books (my books, kids books, The Book and school books) and of course a little bit of my everyday life with my two little’s. Lydia is 22 months and…

Aaron, my first born and reason I’m doing this blog hop, is 3 years (and 10 months, if you’re counting.) He’s very sweet, loves his little sister, riding his Strider Bike, playing in the sandbox, going to the park, is very smart (oh, wait, everyone says that about their own, right?) says his daddy is his best friend, and eats just about as much as him!

Like me, he loves to read books. His favorite for the loooongest time (a solid 18 months) was Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. Now, it’s ANY books about real trucks, construction vehicles, trains etc. He’s often quiet, but if you ask him about how one of those vehicles works or how to build a road or train track you might want to sit down. He can tell you ALL about them.

I’m so excited to have this community of boy moms on this journey with me!

Happy Hopping!
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  • Nikki

    I love that your little boy says that his Daddy is his best friend- that is so sweet! Found you on the bloghop and Twitter. Great pictures! Look forward to reading your blog!

  • Monkey’s Mommy

    Your little boy is a doll…Thanks so much for stopping by my page.

  • Rachel

    So glad to "meet" you! Thanks so much for stopping by earlier!! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog some more! I see you're going to Relevant! Did you go last year?? I was able to go & LOVED it! I'm going to be busy adding a new little boy to family around that time this year!! Have a wonderful time!! :)

  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    We love trucks at our house too. I have heard great things about Relevant.

  • Amanda @ The Pelsers

    Boys and their trucks :) If mommy gets the name of one wrong, I will be corrected! We love Richard Scarry books too.

    Add you to my Google Reader!

  • Meaghan

    I'm visiting from the bloghop. It is nice to meet your family. My boys love the same things as yours does. Funny how they all have some things in common.
    Many blessings

  • Anne

    Thanks for stopping by my blog… i am a little late as we were traveling without internet access… but I finally made it! We almost left Timmy's 'Zoom' in the hotel room – which would have been disastrous. Planes trains and automobiles are definitely an important part of my boys world… 😉