8 years!!

If you guessed ‘8 years of marriage’ you’re close…
Eight years ago today we closed on our house.
Just fifteen short days before our wedding.
And today, on this anniversary day, we had our first, second showing. No news on what they thought yet though. We were VERY close to taking it off the market… still praying to see what God has in store. His plan IS always best you know.
Since this post is about our house-turned-home I thought I’d give you a glimpse inside…
This is the view as you walk in the door. Welcome! Glad you stopped by!
When we moved in this was two rooms with a tiny spot for a small kitchen table… and FOUR kinds of flooring! eek! I LOVE how open it is now!! My dad and husband build that island… I mean continent! It used to be the upper and lower cabinets… awesome, huh?! (Operation: Wall Removal) Taking that wall down might be my favorite project we’ve done.
Here is the view to the right, as you stand at the front door (I’m brewing up a doozy of an art piece to go over this couch on that big blank-slate wall… but haven’t had time to even start… someday I’ll have time, right?!!) See that spot right there on the couch? …that’s where I sit.

This is my view often through the day: from the sink/stove looking towards our awesome bay window. Many tot school activities happen right there on the floor or in the window seat. The two island seats are also a big hit.
Now, if you’ll follow me down stairs you’ll find our big, comfy couches. A favorite spot for flipping and headstands of certain small ones… and watching a little Mighty Machines and Signing Time.

The view of our 3 season porch and my desk. LOVE that porch! It’s SO bright that it’s always a cheery place. Way back when… when I had a room and time to craft/etc I made curtains for all those windows and in time for Aaron’s birthday David tiled it. (BEFORE)

The view from the porch looking in. We widened that entry way to the laundry room, bathroom and closet and tiled it and into the bathroom. (I no longer crush my knuckles carrying laundry baskets in and out of that narrow entrance. Maybe the previous owners only had small laundry baskets?) It used to be gray paneling down here. So thankful it’s not anymore! Thanks David and Ben!

And last but not least, in this little home tour: the toy corner. Actually, now it’s back to being a book shelf holding all the kids books. I’m big on clean and clear spaces. I can’t take clutter. I think my brain actually cannot function when I’m surround by clutter. We have most of our toys in bins in the laundry room. It’s so nice to know every toy has a place and space and can be put way when they are finished playing.
These stairs had a major overhaul a few years ago. David built that wall and closed a large hole in the wall.
This really only scratches the surface of the projects and remodels we’ve done. It’s been a fun 8 year adventure! I wonder if this is where God will keep us… or if we’ll be moving on?
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  • Conny

    oh how I love the UNCLUTTEREDNESS of your rooms … oh how I envy it. 18 1/2 years of marriage to a book collector has not left me much room for STUFF other than bookcases!!!! God's will be done about the sale of your lovingly updated home!

  • Jodi

    Wow! Looks fabulous! So clean! Can't wait to see if it sold!

  • Nicole