30 Days of Thanks -Day 1

I’m joining sweet Conny over at The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau this month for 30 Days of Thanks.

I’m thankful for…

Maureen, Jodi, me

…these two wonderful ladies; IRL (in real life) friends and roommates at Relevant ’11 this past weekend. And for my husband and in-laws who allowed me to go and graciously stayed with my little ones.

…these full of energy, grass throwing, happily playing together siblings I’m blessed to call mine. She would throw the grass into the air… and he would help get it out of her hair. SO sweet! Then he gave her many free rides on her little car! 

…the knowledge and certainty that I am valued and chosen.  And for Throat Coat tea.

…this son of mine, who rarely ever is still enough for a photo, and who continues to amaze me at his speed and ease of memorizing his AWANA verse.

Jolanthe, Amber, Jodi, Madonna
Carisa, me, Maureen

…these six beautiful and skilled blogging ladies who wanted to eat with me, a fairly new and small-time blogger, each meal at Relevant. My no-place-to-sit-lunchroom-fear was just silly!

…the gorgeously, perfect November blue sky today! Reading outside is my favorite place to read. But… I was only able to read about two pages of this month’s book club book before being totally distracted by playing with my little one. Which, in my opinion, is ALWAYS a good reading to put down a book! 

Relevant ’11 was an amazing, refreshing, much, much needed, long weekend away. Oozing with great conversation, buckets of information, new friendship and, of course, chocolate! I’m still processing everything I soaked in. I’ll be sharing more about Relevant in the coming weeks. Right now, my family and I are fully into ‘wedding mode’ as we get ready for my sisters wedding this weekend!

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  • http://www.thehutchhaus.blogspot.com Conny

    HEY!! So glad you’re joining in again (after 2 years already – time flies!!). Glad you had a good time at Relevant – with great friends. I still have no-where-to-sit fears every time my church has a potluck or something LOL!!!
    Love the pics of the ever-growing kiddos. Lydia is cracking me up – Miriam does some of those bizarre things too (sitting in a box, basket, or whatever). :) Love it!! Tomorrow I will post Miriam’s latest idea for seating – it isn’t very comfy, I warn you! :)
    ANyway, so GREAT to have you blogging along. Blessings!