30 Day of Thanks – Day 4 & 5

Double-whammy post coming at ya… 2 days of gratefulness:

We’ve just returned from the wonderful wedding festivities of my sister and new brother in law! My immediate family was all participated in the wedding, so unfortunately, I don’t have any snapshots to share of my own. You know… with kids in the wedding, carrying my camera with me was not an option … I’m not that much of a super-mom. (And my dress had no phone pocket! Thankfully, that might have been weird!) But I’ll try to sneak in some instagrams from my sister.

Friday’s Thanks:

Last minute hunt for the correct color clip-on tie successful! JCPenney was VERY helpful on the phone… the many other stores I first called… not. so. much! JCP FTW!

Finishing touches on wedding props finished right on time.

Not forgetting anything! A major: YAY!! Considering I’m under the weather… my reliable ol’ lists came through!

Fun relaxed, rehearsal and dinner. The best kind.

Late night good times catching up with family.

Kids that fell asleep well at the hotel.

Thankful thoughts on Saturday:

A new scarf to keep me warm during frosty morning outdoor photoshoot. Brrrr!

My dear husband who calmly and graciously watched the two littlest wedding party members all morning.

A bag full of soothing drops for my now very painful throat. Not cool. Not cool time to be sick, at all.

Many, many mugs full of hot water and herbal tea Thanks Jase! I owe you!

My dress and shoes were comfortable ...for the most part… you know how it is for a stay-at-home-momma in cute heals all day. 

The fat and bloody lip I gave myself mid-photos wasn’t as bad as I could have been. Just call me Grace. 

Ice works quickly.

Aaron and Lydia did great walking down the aisle AND holding their signs high AND not running, swinging them, or using them as a weapon!! Many prayers were said about their part in this… Thanks to Grandpa sending them on their way down the aisle!

Visiting (too briefly) with extended family.

Meeting Rachels new family!!!

Everyone was patience with me as I whispered and croaked my “hellos”

A quiet drive home. My favorite kind.

The littlest one napping in the car after a full day.

Beautiful weather this November day for a marriage to begin! Welcome to the family Jeremy!!

(Haven’t tracked down photos just yet… stay tuned tomorrow for an update to this post.)

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  • http://www.thehutchhaus.blogspot.com Conny

    A Wedding – yeah!!!! I haven’t been to a wedding in FOREVER … glad all went well & without a hitch (aside from the couple getting hitchED!). Feel better SOON!!!