30 Days of Thanks – Day 6

Thankful thoughts this Sabbath day of rest…

A soft blue down duvet and fleece sheets in the cozy quiet of my room all. day. long.

One week after Relevant and my sisters wedding celebration yesterday, and I still haven’t returned to my normal routine.  But what really is normal?  Tired.  Run-down.  Sick.  Knowing he was returning to work tomorrow my husband gave me the HUGE gift of rest today.

The entire day I spent resting, drinking fluids, recovering.  I didn’t step foot down stairs until 7:30… PM!  It was amazing and refreshing!

My day consisted of these few things, repeated many times: hot water with Lemon and Thieves and raw honey, reading, Frankensense and PanAway on my throat, napping and meals in bed.  With a little blogging and book club brainstorming and email ninja action thrown in.

While I had my Sabbath rest mostly (a few welcome visits from the little ones, of course!) alone my amazing husband packed a picnic lunch for the kids and took them to the local State Park!  Although my 4 year old told me he was going to “the DVD park, where you play and then they give you a DVD”…?!??? WHERE does he come up with this stuff?!  Cracks me up!  (And no, he did not get a DVD from the State Park. But that would be something, wouldn’t it?)

I have no idea how long I napped, but I do know I read an entire book and made a good dent in another and my throat is feeling a million times better!!  Thank you sweet David!


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  • http://www.thehutchhaus.blogspot.com Conny

    that is SO awesome!!! glad you got a whole day of rest! that’s a great husband to be thankful for who gave you this day. :) Glad too you’re feeling better.