30 Days of Thanks – Day 9-11

30 Days of Thanks with Conny from The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau.

I’m thankful there was no fire when I preheated the oven… I mean… a leftover box of pizza!  Oops.

I’m thankful for chocolate chip almond flour scones still turned out, despite the smell of smoke in the house. They may be my new favorite food. (And a snap to make! I’ll share the recipe if you’re interested.)

I’m thankful for all the hard work my husband does at the office and at home! He moved my computer and desk upstairs to the office while I was at AWANA Wednesday night!  (It previously resided in the dining room… but tomorrow we are getting a dining room table!!!  Others dream about a white picket fence.  I dreamed about a house with a dining room… silly? …maybe.)

I’m thankful for choices.  So many choices every. single. day. because I’m blessed to live in this country!  Where to buy food, clothes, which book should I read, which pair of should should I wear.  So. many. others. don’t have these choices.

I’m every so thankful for those who fought for the freedom we have today!

I’m thankful for my book club friends. Every month, for three and a half years now, I meet up with my fellow book loving ladies to chat about a book.  I’ve only missed once in all those times.  I look forward to it every month.

I’m thankful for the read-aloud moments with my son.  Yesterday he learned what “fond” and “pathetic” meant thanks to AA Milne’s Whinnie the Pooh.

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  • http://www.bytesofmemory.com Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory

    What a wonderful list of things to be thankful for!