Five Minute Friday: Grow

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Five Minute Friday


On your mark, Get set… GO:

Coach Mu said 100, ONE HUNDRED! I turned away, fear rose in me, tears filled my eyes. No way, could I do a whole 100. Impossible. I didn’t even know how many times down and back the pool that was.
I hid in the locker room crying. Not even sure when my event was. Not knowing how this think I loved to do every summer could make me so terrified!
I dry my face and go find Mu.

“How long is 100?”
“Can I dive from the edge?”
“Do I have to do flipturns?”

We practice every day for two hours. Why was this so scary?

4 times: down, back, down, back.

My turn was up. I find my lane.
The MIDDLE lane… What?! That’s supposed to be for the fast swimmers. The gun goes off, the water is cold. I manage to not loose my goggles. I make it to the other end. No flip. I stop and rest. I wasn’t even tired. Just terrified I still had to swim 3 more lengths.

I don’t remember much of the rest of the race. I don’t know what place I finished. But I know I finished and survived, despite my original thoughts. It was still many many more years before I ever could admit that I liked to race more than practice.

Eleven years later I stand on the starting blocks, that aren’t so high anymore.  In a natatorium much larger, many more spectators.  A different emotion fills me this time.  The sheer terror is gone.  I’m not crying.


Wow. I thought I might be able to get more of my story out in 5 minutes. I may have to continue this another day. Thanks Lisa-Jo! This is such a fun post to write! 

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Sarah,

    Hopping over from 5MF… reading your post brought back memories…I started and ended my very brief swimming career in high school. You must be very fast to have swum for as long as you did.

    Nice “meeting” you.

  • Madonna

    I want to know the rest, Sarah!!

    • Sarah Ronk

      Haha… I’ll try to get a “the rest of the story” post us soon!