30 Days of Thanks 14-19

What an amazing week we’ve had! FULL in the best kind of way.  BUSY with the perfect mix of snuggles with little ones, early mornings with my Bible, fellowship with friends and so much more!

I hosted a small party on Tuesday for a few ladies.  My friend Kristina, a Therapeutic Reflexologist, gave us all our first reflexology session: relaxing, healing and spa-like to say the least!  Take some time to look into this wonderful natural healing method!  It has benefits of a full-body massage and detoxing by gentle pressure on your feet. Don’t worry, it doesn’t tickle!

Wednesday evenings I get to spend with 37 three and four year olds at AWANA.  I am very thankfully for my amazing co-director and so many other leaders and helpers who’ve committed their time Wednesday evenings for a full school year to minister to this next generation!

Despite the definite chill in the air we enjoying plenty of time bundled up playing outside!

Praying your week was the best kind of FULL and BUSY as well!

Stop by Connie’s place to and share your thanks!

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  • http://www.thehutchhaus.blogspot.com Hutchhaus

    sounds like a GREAT week – thanks for sharing.
    I have tried reflexology on myself … but somehow I can’t imagine it is the same as it would be with someone else doing it or guiding me! :)
    Sweet pics – but looks rather COLD!! brrrr!!!!