30 Days of Thanks 20-21

Books are everywhere in our house.


I’m very thankful for the ability to read and learn and grow from them.

The kid’s books, my husband’s books, and my books are overflowing.

I love that they are always just an arm’s reach away.  I’m so thankful my kids like to listen to stories on my lap over and over again!

But WHY, OH WHY did I tell my husband on our recent trip to IKEA, the-land-of-bookshelves, “No, no, no, we don’t need any bookshelves”…??? We have two book shelves. This one and one in the kid’s room -not pictured- BOTH are full. 

What was I thinking?

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PS: Did you see any books that you recognize? Or any books that you have? Which ones?!

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