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FOR TODAY: December 1, 2011

Outside my window… it’s BRIGHT and sunny!  My computer tells me it’s 41 degrees, which I believe, but I’m not going out to check!  Brr!

I am thinking… how exciting it is that December is here!  Sure, I could also be saying how FAST the year seems to have flown by, but EVERYbody always says that.  I’m ready to enjoy December, all 31 days!

I am thankful… for our full year! A new house, new (to us) van, a 2 and 4 year old who are so much more independent than my 1 and 3 year old of last year!  It seems the theme of the year has been “wait” for both big and little things.  Wait: for our house to sell. Wait: for Relevant 2011. Wait: for silly baby hairs to grow out from Lydia’s pregnancy! (HA! Still waiting on this one!)

In the kitchen… I’m working on a meal plan for all of December.  One of my many efforts to have an enjoyable, non-rushed or stressed December.  And… my lunch dishes are still out.  (That’s next on the agenda.)

I am creating… several things in my new workspace corner of the office!  One of them is for the kids room… Pinterest inspired!  I’ve also taken over the dining room table with a project for next week’s book club!

I am going… with my family to cut down our Christmas tree tonight.   It’s surprise for Aaron and Lydia!

I am wondering… when I’ll have a chance to catch up on my photoblog.  This is the furtherest I’ve ever been behind on uploading pictures.  I printed some inspiration for December’s photos though, so I *think* that excitement will inspire me!

I am reading… Emma (the audiobook version, do you consider that “reading”?), Lydia’s Bible (currently praying through the New Testament for her), and Tell Your Time (an ebook by Amy Lynn Andrews)

I am hoping… we get a good snow this month and on Christmas Day!

I am looking forward to… joining 3 in 30 this month!

I am hearing… The Magic School Bus movie playing quietly in the background and that’s it.  Ahh, I call that silence.  Total silence doesn’t come around much, but I’ll take this!!

Around the house… I’m cleaning up for the weekend and the Christmas box is out of the garage!  (…the first step, right?!)  I’m also drafting ideas for room designs and paint colors!  (This is the part where my Pinterest boards really come into play!)  My dad, the contractor, stopped by yesterday and had some very exciting ideas for our eat in kitchen area!  I’m usually pretty good in the “idea” department but these new suggestions have got me jumpy to get started!

I am pondering… Finding Joy.  Particularly this: “The joy of the LORD is my strength.”  Nehemiah 8:10  BUT… that’s not the whole verse, did you know that?  Here it is in it’s entirety “Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”” The Isrealites were to weep and repent… then… eat, drink and rejoyce, after they were instructed in the law and it was made clear to them and by the Levites.  (I believe it also says they were standing the whole time!)  Just thinking about this, pondering it all.

One of my (NEW) favorite things… almond milk lattes.  My sister-in-law has enlightened me last week!

A few plans for the rest of the week… tomorrow brings a play-date (play time for the kids, Pinterest crafting for the mommas!) Saturday we’ll attempt to clear half of the garage for David’s car (no more ice scraping!) and Sunday will be a day of rest!

Here is a video for thought I am sharing… I’m not sure how to post the video ON by blog yet, but here’s the link to a video of Lydia singing Amazing Grace.  (Yep, this one’s for the family.  She also rocks Jesus Loves Me pretty nicely too! We sing both before naptime and bedtime.) 

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  • J Michael

    I enjoyed reading about your day & thoughts in my quiet house. But dearest Lydia singing Amazing Grace…. oh my!! What sweetness!! I’m so glad you recorded that and shared with us. ♥

    • Sarah Ronk

      I think I’m going to try to get more (and better quality) videos! It’s kinda fun to have a movie of the kids and not only still photos!

  • Conny

    oh my goodness —- those baby hairs!!!!! My hairdresser has been watching mine over the last few months too – and says they are all coming GRAY :(
    Love the sweet babies singing. Miriam is working on “Away in a Manger” …

    • Sarah Ronk

      I keep cutting my hair shorter and shorter… but that will only work so long :-) I just want them to grow! I guess I’m lucky with blond hair (so I’m told) because I actually have alota gray hair :-/ but it is hidden -kinda- so far. My mom said she went MUCH grayer with each baby (there were 4 of us) Haha … guess I’ve been warned!
      I have my last of the 30 Days of Thanks post ready to go except the photos I want to use are not showing up on my camera card (ACK!) I can see them on my camera but the computer isn’t reading them… so I hope tonight or this weekend David can have a chance to check it out -or I’ll just post it w/o the photos.

  • J Michael

    p.s. I don’t think there would be a “wretched” part in that sweetie! :)

    • David

      Agreed!! :)

  • Nancy Lentz

    Finally getting back to your blog–and of course I enjoy your musings. I’m interested in this almond milk latte! I’ve been drinking dark chocolate almond milk with a little instant coffee–a yummy morning beverage.

    • Sarah

      dark chocolate almond milk coffee… that sounds amazing!!!