3 in 30 update

Just quickly checking in my 3 in 30 progress…

As a reminder, these are my goals for December…

~ finish updating my EveryDayPhoto photoblog
~ go to bed earlier (ultimate goal is 10:30)
~ finish writing my December menu and stick with it

The Everydayphoto photoblog still sits untouched.  But, this is only week one of the challenge, and I’m working on giving myself more breaks in life.  This week, photoblogging was one of those breaks.

A few nights I DID go to bed earlier!  It felt great!  More than half of the week I did not.  A sick boy and finishing up plans for our annual book club Christmas party came before my early-to-bed good intentions.

The December menu was started.  (I guess I should have said December and January’s menu plan, because I’m planning to use this same menu at least these two months in a row.)  I’m working on getting more freeze breakfasts and dinners prepped.  I’ve bitten off more than I can chew lately (pun intended) and our healthy food intake is suffering.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend and I pray you find rest on the Sabbath.

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  • Julie

    Good goals and good progress! I can identify with needing to go to bed earlier right now (it’s 12.20am!) :)