Hello 2012

My goal this year:

To not say “two thousand and tw… er, I mean 20… 12” I’ve been trying to say “20… 10 or 20… 11” each year but I haven’t got it down yet!  Must be an old dog.

Now, more seriously…

My “word” for 2012 is

diligence 1 |ˈdiləjəns|  noun
careful and persistent work or effort.

This might be my word for all my mothering-young-children years, and I think it’s quite appropriate. Careful and Persistent Work or Effort… yep, that’s about right.  Diligence is a must, intentional diligence… daily, hourly, every-single-minute.

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.  Galatians 6:9

When I think about my life right now as a wife, mom of little ones, and homemaker diligence is required of me:
Diligent to plan, prepare, and organize all things in the kitchen and home.
Diligent to love, discipline, teach, and train up my children.
Diligent to love, respect, honor, and support my husband.

This isn’t even taking into consideration my other roles and responsibilities outside of the home.  Which I’m not ignoring and I have no plans to quit.  My focus will just be heavily weighted towards my family.  They have been four and two for a short three months… these are such fun ages!  Our move has us much closer to my husband’s office.  We love the extra time each day we have with him!

I am so blessed.
My cup is full!
This is a time to treasure.
This year I’m being diligent in our home.  As they always say, “the days are long and years are short.”  Incase any older moms are reading and forgot… these days, some days, are very long.  It’s very easy to grow weary and get discouraged.

Now for some practical application
~ read EVEN more books with the little ones, our new house is VERY close to the library! My four year old is enjoying chapter books now… oh, so many possibilites!!
~ attend a homeschool convention.  I think I have my choice one picked out too!  Such exciting opportunities out there!  I love the large supportive local and online homeschool communities around me!
~ more family outings and trips.  I’m thinking several camping trips and maybe a little beach vacation! (I hope!)
~  of course, the always necessary… take care of me.  Exercise, water, proper rest.  It just does wonders!  I used to take for granted the “rest” part.  Sure, I was sleeping… but time away for me (to think, feel the quiet around me, decompress) and even more importantly a day of rest, a Sabbath.

I’m not making many specific or long term goals this year.  I’m enjoying the idea that I don’t know what the future holds for my year.  Like my mom said every day we left for school “do your best!”  That’s what I’m going to do, I’m just going to do my best each day and see where God leads me and our family.

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  • J Michael

    If your chosen homeschool convention is Naperville, consider boarding the littles with me. :)

  • Jenny @ The Southern Institute

    This is such a great word, Sarah. Diligence can be hard… I know it is for me. So many times I want to just be lazy, or do the job halfway. Diligence is a discipline, isn’t it? It sounds like you are starting off with your heart in exactly the right place! Thanks so much for linking up today and for being such a support to me and my blog. I appreciate you! :)

    • Sarah

      Lazy is hard for me to fight… I feel like I’ve been busy for a long as I remember… sometimes I crave being lazy. Just hoping for that next small break between diapers and dishes when I can do nothing. This year I hope to work on finding a balance between getting things done efficiently and using time time productively but also to find that rest that I need. I think the “lazy” that I feel I crave (where I toy with the thought of -what would happen if I just stopped washing those dishes or if I waited for the laundry to fold itself-) I really might be craving rest, Sabbath rest, rest in Him and in His Word. Thanks for your comment and encouragement! I’m excited to see where God takes us this year!

  • Nancy

    I love your focus on diligence. Good examples of practical applications. Glad you are treasuring the days with your sweet little ones. I do remember how long some of those days were, but they fly by, amazingly. Seems like just a few years ago your hubby was an adorable toddler and elementary school boy!

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