A Gingerbread How-To

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Then come back for step-by-step photos on how to make your own felt gingerbread house in one short afternoon!

First you need a box for your felt gingerbread house.  I found a paper mache box at Joann’s like this one.  (I used the largest one in the set.)

Now to make the roof.  I grabbed a sheet of foam board I had in the garage, traced the lid of the box and made it a little bit longer.  I really did make this in one short afternoon.  No math and calculation were done.

I found the middle and drew a line.  Then borrowed my husbands utility knife and started cutting.  I thought at first I could just score it and then fold…


But I ended up bending it like this and just shaving the foam board like this.  (This photo above shows the roof inverted.  The cut edges I folded together so the roof had a nice peak.)

Now I grabbed an empty box of spaghetti and cut it taking advantage of the pre-folded corners.  This is so I can glue the peak to the box lid.  Again I just traced the lid length on the spaghetti box so I knew how long to cut them.

See, just like that: the beginning of a roof.

Another photo, different angle.

Now, I think, this was an almond cracker box.  Again, I was going for anything with pre-folded corners.  Just makes my life easier.  I needed 3 pieces to cover the sides of the roof.  The triangle piece I traced and added length to the bottom so I would have something to fold and glue.  The two square pieces I made by measuring the sides of the triangle.  So I could do this…

This shows the pieces hot glued together.  I thought I could just glue them all right along the pre-folded part… but I ended up glueing this piece on the outside of the sides of the roof instead of inside.  Inside would have been a cleaner look… but I was working within the afternoon-nap-time frame.  So I moved each square piece out a bit so I could glue to the outside… (as you will see in 2 photos below…)

(Photo of the other side of my side piece.)

Just like that… easy, peasy.

Now I covered the roof and bottom of the box in felt.  I splurged for the felt with adhesive backing.  Again, life just got easier!  I traced around the roof then cut the felt to size.  (If you are being frugal, just glue regular felt.)

Side piece.

Fancy, shmancy adhesive felt.

Fancy, shamancy adhesive felt applied.

Now I traced the rest of the roof leaving edges all around to overlap.  I know my kids… I didn’t want them pealing it off on day one!

The finished roof.

So there you have it!  The base was easy, again more tracing and cutting of felt.

The completed look!

If you stuck around for all of that, you’re my new best friend!

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  • J Michael

    Oh my goodness! How cute & fun! Adhesive felt…. whodda thunk it? And very smart using the scored edges of boxes to your advantage. Nice crafting!!

    Honored to be your new best friend. 😉

    • Sarah

      Hi best friend!!! Now if we could just pull them map and re-arrange it a bit so we could be neighbors too!! My crafting skills have a long way to go! I need you closer!!

  • Amanda

    That’s the greatest idea- a reusable felt gingerbread house. I usually feel like an edible one would be wasteful in the end. The putting together is really fun, though, and this one would last. Definitely something I’d like to try this coming Christmas. Thank you!