Five Minute Friday: Awake

Five Minute Friday

It’s a dark, dark early winter morning, and the windows are frosted over, again.  I’m wrapped and bundled more than necessary, but I have to.  My bed was so perfectly warm, but I know what’s coming, it never helps, but I try to keep that warmth with me anyway.  The horrible, startling alarm clock sounds so angry, but I get up immediately; ready and excited for what’s coming.  My bag is packed for the day with more food than any normal human eat in a day.

I did this yesterday, and the day before and what seems like all the days before that.

I scrap and scrap the windows.  Moving quickly I trying to warm up, but it doesn’t happen.  I slowly make my way down the driveway and out to the main road, windows scrapped enough, I think.  Grogginess lingers.  The streets are empty; most are in bed still sleeping.

Quickly, I walk into the natatorium, wishing my short drive was long enough for the car to warm up.  I join my teammates on deck, secure my goggles and dive into the cold 5:30am water.

Now I’m awake.

There’s a little flash back to my days as a swimmer.  This first (sort-of real) snowfall got
me thinking about how I used to wake up in high school.

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  • David


  • Vanessa

    That would be one heck of a way to wake up! I am from Florida and was on the swim team. Our pool was an outdoor pool and never really go too cold. Winters where I am in Nebraska are something I will never get used to!


    • Sarah Ronk

      Our college team would travel to Florida for a week of training… we l.o.v.e.d those outdoor pools!! I could use a Florida swim right about now come to think of it!

  • Anonymous

    love this…a vivid picture

    • Sarah Ronk

      thank you!

  • Nancy Lentz

    I thought you were writing about me leaving for work long before the sun comes up!

    • Sarah Ronk

      haha… I tried to wait as long as possible to say where I was going. I guess it worked!! I never left THAT early for work so it was still dark… but I did have a season or two where I would go run at a local state park before work when it was dark. But even when it was snowy out it still never seemed as cold as when I knew I was headed to a pool of ice water :-)

  • Kim Hall

    Brrrr! Sitting here in the near zero weather in New England I absolutely shiver at the idea of diving into a pool!

    When our youngest was on the swim team, the kids would go into the pool sometimes very early in the morning. In the early weeks of training, that meant the outdoor pool would be quite cool. It always made me cold when I watched the kids go in and out of the water.

    • Sarah Ronk

      Some of those outdoor pools are vicious! I’ve remember a few meets where I though I might be seeing ice forming on the surface it was so cold! Swimming sure creates a brave breed! :-)