Five Minute Friday: Tender

Five minutes of writing flat.

Early morning quiet, my favorite time of day, that stillness before the hustle.  This day began like no other ever had; for me at least.  It was a holiday, the usual morning rush would be exchanged for a nice relaxing morning of sleeping in.  But… this day, my husband wasn’t going to work, but not because of a holiday, because of something more important.  For me, the night had passed without sleep while I let him dozed a few times.  I was the one who was busy; he my constant support.  My son, a few weeks shy of two, slept peacefully in his room a few feet down hall.  I had pulled many all nighters in my life.  This one was different.  I didn’t eat or drink any junk food to try to stay awake.  There was no time left for last minute studying.  I was preparing to begin a much different kind of final exam.  I needed no help staying awake.  My son became a big brother around 5:30 in the morning while he continued to sleep soundly.  Tender is the image I’ll forever have in my mind of my daughter’s daddy holding her, eyes glued to her precious tiny face.  He didn’t want to let her go, he was beyond joyful to be a daddy again.  Tender is the face of my son coming in to see the little one I held; his new best friend who he showered with kisses.

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  • Susan Bunts Wachtel

    How precious…thank you for sharing that beautiful memory!

    • Sarah

      thank you! These 5 Min. Fridays have been so fun! I use the prompt to try to recall a story of mine… so cool how God brings up things I for me to write!

  • steflayton

    mmm – sweet sweet morning !

    • Sarah

      I just re-read the birth story I wrote for each baby… can’t believe how much I forgot in 2.5 and 4.5 years!

  • Elisabeth Allen

    Aww … beautiful!

    • Sarah

      thank you!

  • Ginger

    So beautiful, Sarah. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Very glad to meet you.