What’s on Your Nightstand? – March

Finished reading:

A Confident Heart by Renee Swoop – I received this book at Relevant ’11 and it’s taken me awhile to get to it. I preordered her new book You’re Already Amazing so I wanted to be sure to finish the first one I had of hers first before starting her next. I have a thing about order. :-)

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers – Just about everyone says this is a good book so I had to read and decide myself. (Working on my “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” mentality.) I’ve read very few Christian Fiction so I don’t have much to compare. I will say the story did suck me in and I read it in three days. (That’s very quick for me!) 

A Year In Provence by Peter Mayle – Maybe I shouldn’t read any travel books… it just makes me want to travel even more and I don’t think that’s in the budget or future schedule. Someday…

Currently reading:

Les Mis – (audio book) Getting a head start on our June book club book.
The Book Group Book – Loving this peak into how others run their book clubs.

It appears I didn’t read as much as I hoped I would, but I AM on a roll now! Hoping to get more of my Spring Reading Thing ’12 book list read by April’s post.

Happy Reading!

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  • http://twitter.com/hopewellmom hopewellmom

    LOVED A Year In Provence and it took me on to Carol Drinkwaters Olive Farm books and a “Under the Tuscan Sun” –all delightful. I like travel literature when its THIS good!

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      “Under the Tuscan Sun” is on my shelf! Maybe I’ll sneak that one in soon! I haven’t seen the movie yet so I really don’t know the story at all! I might have to keep up the travel books until I get to go myself!

  • Cassandra Land

    Redeeming Love is an awesome book. It’s one of my favorites! I’m glad you took the plunge and read it.

    Happy April reading! :)

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      SO many people tell me it is their favorite I HAD to find out what it was all about :-) Now I’m debating joining the Hunger Game craze… we’ll see :-)

  • morninglightmama

    I read Les Miserables for the first time in college– each of the five volumes were bound separately, and each of those little books was a numbered copy printed in the 1920s. It was so, so difficult to return those to my college library and not hide them away in a box in my dorm room! :)

    Happy reading this month.
    -Dawn, 5M4B

    • Sarahronk

      Ooh I bet!! What an awesome edition to read!!