The pool and sandbox

Two thoughts: 1.) Remember when it was March and hot and the kids played in the pool?

2.) Putting in this monster-of-a-sandbox might have been our best new house addition yet!

What is your favorite addition to your house that makes it your home?

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  • Conny

    awesome sandbox!!! :) Miriam totally freaked over the kiddie pool last summer … she still HATES to sit down in the bathtub … so who knows what our water future holds?!?!?! My favorite addition to our house is my back deck, off my kitchen. It is like an extra room on a warm day. Miriam plays out there, and the dog sits across the steps to the yard so Miriam won’t dare go close to them!! :)

    • Sarah Ronk

      It took Aaron a few seasons to get on board with the kiddie pool, hope this year is Miriam’s year! I loved the deck on our old house for the same reason! How handy your pup works with you to be a live gate!

  • Sheila

    The huge playset our inlaws got us & helped install last summer. My son LOVES playing outside and has so much fun on it.

    We’re wanting to put in a sandbox too, because I know he’ll love that too. And a kiddie pool…

    Basically anything for outside!

    • Sarah Ronk

      I hope a playset or at least swing set is in our future at some point. I have such good memories of playing on ours when I was growing up. You’re right… outside playing is SO important for them and US! :-)