Ocean Exploring

If you follow me on Instagram (or Instagrid*) you know we’ve just returned from a glorious vacation on the beautiful sandy beaches of Florida!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the lack of ANY kind of crowds was an awesome perk!

Low tide was perfect for exploring small fish, shells and the affect of water on sand sculptures.

Today I’m sharing how you can do some ocean exploration in the form of a sensory bin at Totally Tots. These water beads (or water pearls) have been a huge hit in our house! I think it’s safe to say kids of any age will enjoy these.

 *If you followed me on Photoblog I now use Instagram and Instagrid for our photos. Instagrid has an email subscribe option if you wish to get the photos once a day to your inbox.

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  • DarcyWiley

    Did you take the pelican pic? Love it.