Nature Club

Two of my friends and I recently attended a class at the Midwest Homeschool convention from Cindy at Our Journey Westword. Her class PACKED the tiny room she was assigned. Seriously, so many were standing in the back trying to crowd in!

Before the end of her class the three of us had already planned our very own Nature Club, when we would meet and how often. Her Charlotte Mason inspired nature studies are at ShinningDawnBooks. We each snatched up a NaturExplorer study on the spot! (Her studies are written with 1st-8th graders in mind, but still are adaptable for younger ages.)

We’ve met several times already this summer and all of our kids are constantly asking when we are meeting next!

If you’d like to have your own nature club here are a few tips and tricks we’ve found:

The Basics ::

who :: kids! (We have 9 in our group, most are preschool/kindergarten ages. Once your group gets too large you will be disturbing nature before you can explore it!)

when :: as often as you like! (we chose every other week-ish)

where :: outside! Parks, creeks, backyards, farms, botanical gardens, zoos…. etc.

why :: ever-growing little ones need to be outside. To breath fresh air, to get dirty, to learn to observe the shapes of clouds, things growing on and under rocks, tiny flowers, birds in the trees…. etc.

what you need :: well you certainly don’t “need” much! But here are some things that we’ve found helpful… Beach towels, jug of water, bandaids, bee sting kit/essential oils, baby wipes, rubber boots, magnifying glasses, jumbo tweezers, binoculars, butterfly nets, bug spray/essential oils, sunscreen, picnic blankets, snacks or lunch, arnica gel, sunglasses/hats, field guides/encyclopedia, backpack. Okay, so that was a long list but I’m sure you have most of those supplies already on hand.

Next week I’ll share more details of what we do during our club meetings. Until then enjoy your time in nature! Let your child lead you, you’ll be surprised what they see that you might have missed!

How often do you and your children get out into nature?

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  • Jdaniel4smom

    This is a wonderful idea! My son would love to be a part of a camp like this!

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  • DarcyWiley

    My kids and I hang out with a bunch of moms for Forest Fridays near here. We love creek stomping and exploring the woods. It has been a neat experience to see the landscape in different weather and different seasons.