Reading Is Social

Welcome to the series Reading Is Social!

For the next 31 days I will share 31 posts on how I run my book club. Sure, there are plenty of ways to run a book club, but this series is about our way.

My club, Broadened Horizons, has been meeting for 6 years and break plenty of the book club “rules” with great success.

Books remind us we are not alone. Books take us places we can’t travel. Books inspire us to new ways of thinking. Reading keeps our brains active. Why not engage with other avid readers about what you read and learn.

I hope to challenge you this month to expanding the individual activity of reading and make it a community affair.  After you finish a book, instead of moving on to your next literary adventure, take a breath and reflect with others… and start a book club!

Reading has not always been a way of life for me. During first and second grade I was in special reading classes.  I was just slow to “get it.”

My joy of reading came late in life. While preparing for my first child, I couldn’t get enough books to read.  I surprised myself when I found I wasn’t as slow as I always assumed!  The key: I was reading about my passions, and now there was no stopping me.  We were planning a natural birth and working to make our home chemical free.  I wanted to learn as much as I could; books were the simple, perfect, solution.

Our club is very organic: always changing, always growing. I can’t wait to share with you all we’ve learned over the last six and a half years!

Per my Strength Finder results and as an INFJ I like order and being systematic about how I do things. So here are the categories you can expect through this month:

Getting Started
The Details
The Extras
Final Thoughts
Resources for Inspiration  (on the weekends)

You can get every post in your inbox or a feedreader (see sidebar) or check my Reading Is Social page. I’ll be updating it with the complete table of contents.

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  • Sheila

    Looking forward to reading this!

    • Sarahronk

      Oh good!! I’m so glad!! Was hoping to have a little more of it drafted out ahead of time… but I think in this season taking it one day at a time will be just fine :-) Praying you feel better soon! We missed you tonight!

  • MacKenzie

    Yay! I was so excited to wake up this morning and start reading yours! I love your line up!

    • Sarahronk

      So glad you’ll be checking in!! Hope I get all your questions answered!

  • Cary Kornegay

    Awesome topic! I plan to start a study group when Ann Voskamp’s study for One Thousand Gift comes out. This will be great for helping me get started!

    • Sarahronk

      Thanks!! I hope you’ll find things here that are helpful!

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