Invite your Friends

Day 4 – Invite your Friends

Now that you have your purpose statement and goals, lets get to the next step:

Invite your friends.
Let your friends know your plan to start a book club. Share your goals and purpose statement. You only need a few to get started, it will grow from there. Early on it’s good to decide if you want your group open to anyone, if it will be a couples book club or just for ladies.

Network. If it fits with your vision you can post fliers at some of your stompin’ grounds and invite strangers. When you come together with the shared interest in reading books strangers become friends. You might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest you’ll find! The social facet of a book club is something that often sparks interest!

I started by asking the ladies in our couples small group. When we moved churches, our group grew with some new friends I made. We’ve even had someone find our group on goodreads and see we were local and join us!

Get the word out.
Start a facebook group or better yet a blog. Find a place online where you can send anyone interested to find out all the details of your club! Twitter and reminder emails are another good way to stay connected. But we’ll get more into that topic on another day.

Friends with the common interest in books, gathering to share and discuss ideas, creating community. Let’s get this book club started!

Action Steps ::
Invite your friends.
Get the word out.

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