Resources for Inspiration (part 2)

Day 7 – Resources for Inspiration (part 2)

A Year of Reading:
A Month-by-Month Guide to Classics and Crowd-Pleasers for You or Your Book Group

From the back cover:
A Year of Reading helps readers or reading groups find just the right books all year long. This insightful guide provides five through-provoking and powerful selections for each month with engaging descriptions, pertinent author biographies, thorough discussion questions, rich information and relevant actives in the following categories:

  • Crowd-Pleaser
  • Classic
  • Challenging
  • Memoir
  • Potluck

Information is also included on book clubs, from the basics of starting your own to improving a group that has been together for some time.

I love the clear way this book is organized. You’ll find twelve chapters, a chapter for each month of the year, each chapter/month has a theme, each chapter/month offer’s five book titles, and with each book title you’ll find a summary of the book, more about the author, fun facts you might not know, questions for discussion and more! A wonderful tool for any book club!

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