The Discussion

Day 9 – The Discussion

Leading/Facilitating/Keeping the flow ::

Let me start by giving you a glimpse of what a book club looks like for our group.

  • First we have, sometimes up to 15 minutes of, general fellowship as members arrive get situated.
  • Then we will start with introductions and a question if we have a new face. (Questions like: How often do you come to book club? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate this book and would you recommend it? or something similar and light.
  • Next we get right down to the discussion. The core will take turns writing and researching questions for the book. We vary how close we stick to the questions, but usually the questions provide the outline of the conversation for the evening. Tomorrow I’ll post some general discussion questions that can work with most books.
  • Once we get to the end of our questions we’ll pull out our Table Topics Book Club edition cards. (The manufacture has discontinued this version. Maybe if we ALL email we can request them to bring it back! Or keep an eye out, maybe someone online still has some and you can track down a cube for your group!)
  • Some books we’ll discuss for the full two hours and wish we had more time, others we’ll finish up in an hour. If we finish early we stick around for the full two hours chatting about future books, books we’re currently reading or just life in general.
  • Before we get to general chatting and off the official book club topic I’ll close with a little bit about the next meeting. I try to bring in a copy of the next two books available for members to leaf through. I’ll also talk about when and where the next meeting is and any news or bits of announcements. (If I’ve already read my copy mine are usually up for grabs if anyone wants to borrow them.)
Hope that helps to give you a little visual of how club works for us. It’s pretty easy to keep the conversation flowing and stay on topic but once in awhile I do have to help turn it all back to the book. We strongly encourage members to read the entire book before coming to club. But we do not say you can’t come if you don’t finish it. All members having read the whole book helps keep the conversation on topic easily. It’s when many haven’t finished it or when a “chatty Cathy” hasn’t finished it when you might need to work diligently at getting the discussion to stay on target. 

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