Discussion Questions

Day 10 – Discussion Questions

Coming up with questions for your book club get-together doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Sometimes it’s as easy as checking the back of your copy of the book. Often a simple google search for questions will bring up pages of options. Even search for generic book club questions like these below:

1. If you could add one more chapter in this book what would happen in that chapter?
2. How does this book relate to the author’s life?
3. Did this book make you think differently about any subject?
4. Did you find any mistakes in this book?
5. How would you sum up this book in two sentences?
6. Would you have rather heard this story from a different point-of-view?
7. If this was a movie who would you cast as the main characters? Who would you play?
8. Will you live differently in any way because of this book?
9. If you could re-name this book what title would you give it?
10. Which character would you like to meet in real life?
11. What got you interested in this book?
12. Would you resolve the conflict in this book differently?
13. If you were a producer would you make this book into a movie?
14. Would you deal with conflict the same way the characters dealt with it?
15. Is this a new favorite book for you in this genre? If now, why?
16. Would you recommend this book to a friend?
17. What was your least favorite thing about this book?
18. How would you rate this book on a scale of 1-10?
19. Is the title fitting? Why?
20. What books would you give others as suggested reading if they liked this one?
21. Will you re-read this book?
22. What was your favorite scene?
23. Looking back, do the first and last sentence fit the story?
24. Would you want to live in this book’s setting?
25. Did you have a favorite description or setting in this book?
26. What surprised you in this book?
27. What would you subtitle this book?
28. What was your favorite things about this book?
29. Would you change the ending if you could?
30. Is this story timeless or dated? Why?

Other method’s we’ve used for discussing a book are to:

1. discuss the book by chapter or in time order
2. discuss the book by one character at a time
3. have quotes or longer passages pre-selected to discuss (and ask members what they’ve underlined (or bookmarked) and why)

I hope your enjoying this series! We are only to day ten and I hope you are well on your way to knowing all about how to bring a book club together! And I’ve got so many more fun things to share!

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  • http://www.cardiganway.com/ Katie

    These are awesome, Sarah. You know, I said I didn’t belong to a book club, but I DO have literature circles in my classroom. I could totally use this list with my students! {And maybe a book group down the road.} Thanks!

  • Sarahronk

    Oh that’s awesome!! What a great idea!