A Book Club Christmas Party

Day 23 – A Book Club Christmas Party

Most book club “rules” will tell you not to read a book for the month of December. Some years we follow this, some years we don’t. But, I will say there’s a good chance many members won’t get the book read if you choose to read for the month. This year our club is reading a fun short kids book!

The Christmas Party is the special event each year that we prepare and plan for the most. Because of the very busy time of year it works best for us to keep the Christmas party on the same night as regular book club: the 2nd Thursday of the month, for us.

Our usual party plan:
Food:: Hors d’oeuvre and fun desserts (chocolate and carmel fondue are always a hit!)
Game:: several years we’ve played Telephone Pictonary. (I make a homemade version of Telestrations with blank 3×5 cards and ring clips) We love this game and roll with laughter every time! Last year we played Team Charades with the names of the books for the upcoming year! Again, it was a hilarious game!
Gift Exchange:: A book version of a white elephant gift exchange: We each bring one of our favorite books wrapped and unlabeled in anyway. (Preferably not new. Used books have more than the story on the pages, so we check our bookshelves and local used bookstores.) As members arrive I give them a card to list 3 describing words for their wrapped book and they attach it to their book. We pick numbers to see who goes first and they choose the wrapped book they think they’d like based on the 3 describing words. No one opens their book until all the books have been selected.

Friday I’ll share some of the book page gifts I’ve made for members in the past. Do you have any other ideas for a book club Christmas Party? Please do share your ideas!

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  • Jennifer B Panameno

    We do read a book each year, but it’s always a Christmas book and usually pretty short. We have dinner (other months we just do dessert) and do a book exchange. Some years we play games. I love the idea of book charades. Thanks for your ideas.