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Day 24 – Reading Devices

As I mentioned before, our club doesn’t all read the same version of each book. I like that each member has the freedom to read (or listen) to each book on their choice devise, library copy, or own purchased copy of the book. Before our core selects a book we check that it isn’t such a new release that it’s only available in hardback. This is just what’s worked for us.

Reading Devices and book sources::
Kindle Touch (my kindle of choice)

Public Domain::
Project Gutenberg
If you can’t find your book there check this list of 20+ places

Paper or Hardback::
Check the local library (request they buy the book if they currently don’t have a copy)
Ask friends and family if they have a copy you can borrow

Tomorrow I’ll go into more detail on Audiobooks; a recent new favorite of mine!

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